Intramural sports offer students the chance to exercise, meet new people

The long list of intramural sports available at Mizzou includes everything from flag football to log rolling.


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Intramural sports are a great way for students to get involved at Mizzou and to play competitive games while getting a workout in. For some, it can be a special opportunity to try out a sport that they wouldn’t normally participate in. For others, it’s a chance to bond with fellow students while making new friends in the process.

For the uninitiated, intramurals are sports leagues that usually meet once or twice a week. You can join or create a Co-Rec team, which consists of both men and women, or opt for a men’s or women’s team, which you can make with your Greek chapter, suitemates, random students or friends. You’re allowed to be on one Co-Rec team as well as one gender-specific team.

There are a multitude of sports to choose from, including flag football, sand volleyball, indoor volleyball, three-on-three soccer and three-on-three basketball. There’s even log rolling, in case you’ve ever wanted to experience what being a lumberjack is like. Come spring semester, the sports change a bit. Soccer is expanded to full teams and has a Greek league, as well as basketball. Both of which have playoffs and a championship.

The registration dates, entry fees per team and season dates vary depending on each sport, but log rolling and sand volleyball are the first to open for registration. One can register for a team for the fall season from Aug. 28 to Sept. 7, with the seasons starting on Sept. 7 and 17, respectively. The entry fee for log rolling is $5 and sand volleyball is $99. Flag football registration begins on September 5 and costs $150 per team. The season begins September 24. For a full list of sports and registration dates, visit

To make a team for intramurals, go to the RecSports office, located next to basketball court four in MizzouRec. Once there, register and pay for your team using a card, cash or check. After doing so, create an account at You can then invite friends to join the team, which will put them into the league. will serve as your team’s central hub; the schedule and division standings can be found there.

All games for each sport will be between Sunday and Thursday, with no games being played on the weekends. For more information, go to either or

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