Fifth suspect arrested in home invasion


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The fifth suspect in a Columbia home invasion turned himself in to police custody one day after the Boone County Sheriff's Department issued a warrant for his arrest.

Jarrod Lilly was arrested on suspicion of forcible rape, forcible sodomy, first-degree burglary, first-degree robbery, felonious restraint and armed criminal action.

Lilly, along with another adult suspect and three juvenile suspects, was arrested in response to a home invasion and sexual assault in the 1500 block of Citadel Drive in Columbia.

According to a news release from the Columbia Police Department, multiple intruders entered the home and restrained the juvenile residents with duct tape. The police report said the suspects were armed.

Before 10 p.m. on Sept. 18, three male juvenile suspects were taken into custody. Columbia police Capt. Brad Nelson said the police are no longer seeking additional suspects.

"Nothing indicates that this was a random crime," Nelson said.

Columbia police Chief Randy Boehm said there is almost always some connection between the suspects and the family.

"We're not always at liberty to talk about the connection, but there is always some kind of a connection," Boehm said. "It is extremely rare that it is a random act of violence."

Home invasions, though rare, occur occasionally in Columbia. In the past two weeks, two home invasions have occurred.

"It's not enough to show a trend," Boehm said.

The two adults arrested in conjunction with the home invasion both had prior criminal records.

In June 2007, Lilly was arrested on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle with a revoked driver's license. Prior to that date, Lilly had numerous charges that included third-degree domestic assault, felony forgery and multiple charges of operating a motor vehicle with a revoked driver's license, according to Missouri court documents.

In 2004, Lilly was sentenced to 120 days in the Boone County Jail, following a third-degree domestic assault charge. In 2005, he was placed on house arrest after he pled guilty to driving with a revoked driver's license.

Christopher Jacobs, who also turned himself in to police custody, was previously arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault, theft and purchase of alcohol by a minor. But Jacobs never served any jail time for any of his prior offenses, according to Missouri court documents, and was instead placed on unsupervised probation multiple times.

Jacobs had just begun a sentence of two years of unsupervised probation stemming from his third-degree assault charges when charged with his involvement in the home invasion.

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