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A three-person subcommittee of the Citizen Oversight Committee met Friday to discuss ways to present the committee to the public. Members of the Publicity and Media Relations Subcommittee are in charge of keeping the public informed of the Committee’s objectives and actions.

“We are not trying to subdue anyone’s voice,” said Diane Booth, Publicity and Media Relations Subcommittee chairwoman. “We want the community to understand what the committee is doing.”

At the meeting, members discussed their goals for the subcommittee. They are in the process of drafting a mission statement to present to the Citizens Oversight Committee. Members also discussed preparing a news release to release after the Committee’s meeting on Feb. 7.

The committee is trying to solicit the community’s involvement.

“We are stewards of the process and we need to get moving as soon as possible,” Citizen Oversight Committee co-chairman Jeffrey Williams said.

In addition to preparing a mission statement and a news release, the committee is deciding the role the city’s public relations will play, Ellen LoCurto-Martinez said.

“Our main concern is how this is presented to the community,” Booth said.

The subcommittee has plans to meet with city staff on Feb. 7 and will be meeting with representatives from the Columbia Police Department on Feb. 28. Members of the subcommittee will meet on Feb. 11 to continue discussing ways to keep the community informed.

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