Columbia police seek community input

The department created a planning committee to track citizen input.


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The Columbia Police Department is looking for community feedback and has created a planning committee to create a new vision for the police department.

The committee plans to synthesize community feedback about the department's operations.

"We want to know what the general public feels should change," Capt. Stephen Monticelli said.

The Strategic Planning Committee will help the department create a new plan to serve the community.

"We had a plan in 2003 but it became outdated, so we decided to update it," Monticelli said.

A new plan would guide the department for the next two to three years. This plan will include strategies for every aspect of the department, including recruitment and training. It will also include updates for the department's response time.

"Every segment of what we do in this organization will be included," Monticelli said.

The 22-member committee includes representatives from CPD and the city manager's office. The committee has members from the Patrol Division, the Detective Division, command-level officers and civilian staff members.

Police are generally pleased with the reactions to the committee.

"We have had positive responses but it's hard to get the word out," Monticelli said.

The committee is attempting to reach the public through a survey on its Web site,

The Web site divides the surveys into four groups. There is a survey for City of Columbia employees, one for the community, one for students and one for the police agency.

"We want students to participate in the survey since they are a big part of the community," Monticelli said.

The committee hopes to have a rough draft of a plan by the end of the year.


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