Students find relaxation, fun at Mocktails and a Masterpiece

This artistic event allowed students to express their inner painter.


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The line for the backroom of the Shack was out the door on Sept. 25 as students eagerly awaited entry to Mocktails and a Masterpiece, an event put on by the Campus Activity Programming Board.

Each student was given a free canvas, paint and a non-alcoholic beverage of their choice.

Lauren Smith, the Programming Board’s graduate assistant, swiped in students’ ID cards at a table halfway through the line of students waiting to receive canvases and a drink. A smile on her face, she was excited about giving students a reprieve from the stresses of school.

“[...] Who doesn’t want to paint, relax and have a mocktail, since some people are underage and we want to promote safe drinking?” Smith said. “It’s just something to do in the middle of the day. I know class can get stressful. It’s just a nice getaway.”

While being an escape from the outside world, Mocktails and a Masterpiece also allowed students to show their more artistic side, something students in certain majors don’t always have an opportunity to do. Mixing together blue and gray paint as a background on her canvas, this was what sophomore Olivia Jackson found most enticing about the event.

“I don’t paint a ton, so this gives me an excuse to have a different sort of creative outlet, so it’s fun in that way,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s friend, sophomore Zoe Tyler, sat next to her, outlining a cactus as her drawing of choice. This was not Tyler’s first time at Mocktails and a Masterpiece, but it was the first time she arrived with a plan.

“I’ve done this in the past and had a really good experience and I’m back at it again with plans this time,” Tyler said. “I do theatre as a minor and [Jackson’s] a music major, so this is a different type of art.”

Even for those more experienced with painting, such as freshman Allisen Hunter, took the event as an opportunity to create something in a fun, stress-free environment. Her hyperrealistic drawing of a hand holding a rose indicated a skill with art beyond those around her.

“I am an art major but first of all, free canvases are great,” Hunter said. “Second of all, it’s just nice to be able to sit down and paint, just carve out the time to do it.”

The Campus Activity Programming Board is in charge of activity planning around campus, such as events like this one. Information on these types of events can be seen on the board’s OrgSync page or (website)[]. Mocktails and a Masterpiece will take place again on Nov. 30 from 3-5 p.m. in the Shack.

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