Annual Winter Extravaganza offered free fun to all ages

Winter Extravaganza offered many holiday crafts, snacks and activities to MU students and the public.


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One of MU’s events leading up to finals season was the annual Winter Extravaganza held in the MU Student Center on Nov. 30. The event featured all sorts of winter-related activities and was open to both MU students and the public. Attendees were able to enjoy free food, hang out with friends and get in the holiday spirit.

A popular activity at the event was the fake ice skating rink. Because it wasn’t actual ice, people could just relax and let their imaginations take over. The rink was complete with a snow machine, so if students tried hard enough, they could almost pretend they were skating outside. Junior Isaac Sherman enjoyed watching others participate.

“Mizzou puts on some really great events, and they try really hard to get creative with it,” Sherman said. “I love the community of it all and getting to do fun things like watch my friends act like idiots.”

Winter Extravaganza had a little bit of everything, whether it be a make-your-own s’mores bar, a popsicle stick snowflake craft or an area where you could play Mario Kart. There was also free Pickleman’s grilled cheese, Insomnia Cookies and a hot cocoa station. Sophomore Destany Ramirez, a volunteer for Mizzou After Dark, said one of her favorite things about volunteering at Winter Extravaganza is seeing all of the kids getting in on the fun.

“Watching these kids run around as they get on a sugar high makes me so happy,” Ramirez said. “The activities we plan are fun for people of all ages, so it reminds me why we open up our events to the public.”

The main area of the student center was decorated with winter inflatables, wreaths and garlands. There was holiday music playing and the atmosphere made both attendees and volunteers in good spirits. Freshman Danielle Roberson, a volunteer for Mizzou After Dark, said she liked that Winter Extravaganza wasn’t centered too much around a specific holiday.

“We try really hard to make these events appeal to as many students as possible,” Roberson said. “That’s why I like that this event stayed pretty generic about the holiday season. That way, no matter what you celebrate, you can still have a good time.”

Ramirez said she enjoys volunteering at events like Winter Extravaganza because they allow a ton of MU students to come together.

“I love that Mizzou puts on large events like this at the student center because then all kinds of people can come out to enjoy them,” Ramirez said. “You see a huge group of diverse students who just want to hang out with their people and have fun with free stuff.”

The next Mizzou After Dark event will be a showing of “Life Itself” on Dec. 5 in Jesse Wrench Auditorium.

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