Where you’ve heard them then forgot: a RnB playlist

MOVE takes a look at the bands you didn’t know you knew.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who listen to every song an artist has ever performed (even the ones a band member jammed to in their basement in high school), and those of us who love music but often only know those top five songs on an artist’s Spotify profile and not much more than that.

If you fall into the latter category (begrudgingly or otherwise), this article is for you.

Take a look at some of the places where you might have heard a few notable Roots N Blues artists and the reason you can’t get that one song from them out of your heads.

Who: Brandi Carlile What: She may have 39,000 Twitter followers, but that doesn’t mean you have any idea who she is. She’s an Americana, folksy heartbreaker, and I guarantee that if you think you haven’t heard Carlile before, you have. You may have even cried during one of her songs without realizing it was her; she’s pretty darn talented. Where: Grey’s Anatomy. If you doubted my earlier definition of Carlile as a heartbreaker, the sheer number of appearances her songs have made in Grey’s Anatomy prove my point pretty solidly. In one particularly striking scene, the character Callie sings “The Story” by Carlile over her newborn baby. If you don’t get chills, I seriously doubt you have a soul.

Who: Punch Brothers What: They write anthems. The Punch Brothers’ lyrics are startlingly genuine and their instrumentation is just plain gorgeous, as the band gives each instrument its due time in the spotlight then methodically layers them underneath striking and clear vocals. Check out our interview with them on pg. (insert page here). Where: The Hunger Games. The Punch Brothers’ appearance on the first Hunger Games soundtrack is perfectly befitting for both the film and the band. One listen to “Dark Days” while thinking about Katniss and District 12 will make you feel like you’ve known this band for a very long time.

Who: Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors What: I’ll be the first to admit that MOVE has a love affair with Drew Holcomb. From his perfect — and I do mean perfect — beard to his unabashedly real Southern charm and true skill as a storyteller, Holcomb has it all. Check out our interview with him on pg. (insert page here) Where: Dick’s Sporting Goods. Now, this isn’t what you were expecting, was it? Give it a chance. Do you know those commercials that make you drop everything and sit down to have a good cry? This is one of those incredible advertising feats. Although the interpretation of “American Beauty” might not be what Holcomb originally had in mind when writing, you will finish watching the ad with more attachment to a basketball hoop — and more importantly, the Neighbors — than you ever thought possible.

Who: NEEDTOBREATHE What: This uplifting Christian rock band is a far cry from that Alter Bridge phase you went through in middle school. They’ve got tons of awards under their belts and are definitely a fan-favorite going into RnB. From soft ballads to uber empowering power-rock, NEEDTOBREATHE is never a disappointment. Where: With Gavin DeGraw. That’s right, your favorite early 2000s singer-songwriter doesn’t want to be anything other than a NEEDTOBREATHE collaborator, and boy does he rock at it. “Brother” is everything you want out of both artists and more.

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