Third Eye Blind brings new and old to The Blue Note

The band will play an eclectic mix Nov. 3.


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If your idea of Third Eye Blind is "those guys with 'Jumper' and that doot-doot-doot song," you've got some serious catching up to do. Twelve years after the release of their six times platinum self-titled album, Third Eye Blind is still making an impact on both long-time and new fans. Fresh off the release of their fourth album, Ursa Major, the band is bringing its arsenal of both old favorites and new album cuts Nov. 3 to The Blue Note.

The Planetarium Tour consists heavily of college campuses and college towns. Founding drummer Brad Hargreaves attributes this to popular demand from students.

"Our agent says we are the most requested college band and I am grateful for it," Hargreaves said. "I am glad our music resonates with college students."

This continued resonance came into the public eye when Ursa Major debuted at No. 1 on iTunes and No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200. The album, which is certainly the band's most eclectic mix of songs yet, is Third Eye Blind's first in six years. Hargreaves said Major showcases Third Eye Blind at its finest.

"I think it is right up there with our best work," Hargreaves said. "We took our time and waited until we had what we felt was a fully fleshed out record."

The band has already gone about reworking some of the new cuts on the road. "Dao of St. Paul" has been given a new intro and an extended outro, and "Monotov's Private Opera," a mellow number on the record, has been turned into an all-out rave.

The band is even encouraging fans to bring glow sticks and is tossing out a few of their own for the new arrangement. Both new tunes have already become fan favorites and are sure to become staples of the band's live act.

"A woman named Minna arranges music for Magik Orchestra and came up with those versions," Hargreaves said. "They are just flat out better than what we did on the record."

Even with the influx of new tunes from Major, fans can still expect to hear plenty of the songs that first got them hooked on Third Eye Blind. Hits such as "Semi-Charmed Life," "Jumper" and "Never Let You Go" are still in regular rotation along with fan favorites such as "Wounded" and "Motorcycle Drive By."

"We always try to play a wide range of material," Hargreaves said.

With a new album just released and another, entitled Ursa Minor, on the horizon, many are calling the resurgence of Third Eye Blind a '90s revival. The band and its fans don't see it that way.

"I suppose we are a bit wiser and a much more seasoned live band (today)," Hargreaves said. "But we still make music that has a message and we feel demands to be heard."

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