The Burney Sisters bring youth to Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival

Local folk duo The Burney Sisters will be an opening act at the Roots N Blues N BBQ festival on Sept. 28.


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If you’ve checked out the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival schedule recently, you may have noticed that one of the opening acts is folk duo The Burney Sisters, and you may have wondered who they are.

The Burney Sisters are a Columbia-based musical duo who write and perform their own music. But the interesting twist is that sisters Emma and Olivia are each only 10 and 13 years old, respectively. However, by simply listening to their music or even looking at their album covers, you would never be able to guess how young they are.

Their music will make you recall the first time you looked into the eyes of someone you loved. It reminds you of why you should be yourself when society encourages you to be someone that you’re not. The lyrics that songwriting mastermind Olivia has written are wise beyond her years, and make you curious as to where she gets her inspiration.

If you check out their (YouTube)[] channel, you will find both original songs and song covers that they have made their own. The harmony of their voices is earthy and calming for the soul. If you love a good ukulele, then their music is perfect for you.

Before listening to The Burney Sisters, I had never listened to much folk music. For whatever reason, I’ve always pictured grizzly old men when I thought of folk. So listening to two young girls sing their hearts out in the music they take pride in made my heart happy. The talent that these two possess at such a young age is enough to make me wonder what I’m doing with my own life; it definitely doesn’t help that they are way more stylish and poised than I ever hope to be.

The Burney Sisters will be releasing a new EP on Sept. 28, right before Roots N Blues Festival, and I look forward to hearing their new content. They show a lot of promise, and they’re only at the beginning of their musical career. Roots N Blues will be their biggest show yet, so it will be a great opportunity to see what they are really made of in the music industry.

Edited by Alexandra Sharp |

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