Roots N Blues festival to feature rock and blues artist Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. brings fusion of rock and blues to the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival this year.


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After experimenting with a guitar when he was only 12 years old, Gary Clark Jr. started his career of mixing blues, soul and hip-hop in Austin, Texas. While he performed in small locations around Austin, trying to get as much experience as he could, he met Clifford Antone, who invited Clark Jr. to perform at Antone’s, his blues club in downtown Austin.

Since then, Clark Jr. has self-produced an independent album called Tribute in 2005 and later produced for Hotwire Unlimited, his own record label.

Once he was discovered by Eric Clapton and performed at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, he was signed to Warner Bros., where he produced Blak and Blu, the EP “Bright Lights” and The Story of Sonny Boy Slim, all of which combine gritty rock and blues with his contrastingly smooth voice.

Clark Jr. is known for his performances at various music festivals like New Orleans’ Jazz Fest, and he even gave a noteworthy performance at this year’s Grammys.

With his revolutionary combination of different elements of classic rock and blues, Gary Clark Jr. will make an appearance at Roots N Blues N BBQ this upcoming weekend with a show that will most likely generate a large and energetic crowd. He is the last to perform on the Missouri Lottery Stage on Friday at 9:15 p.m.

MU freshman Abby Pritchett, who was recently introduced to Gary Clark Jr.’s style, says that she enjoys his smooth mixture of blues and rock, similar to that of Jimi Hendrix.

“[Clark Jr.’s music is] relaxing but also makes me want to dance,” Pritchett said. “I hope I get the chance to see him this weekend.”

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