Patchwork Project Profile: Well Hidden Wolf ready to unleash sound

This Patchwork Project band draws on each member’s influences and songs.

This Well Hidden Wolf is ready to break out of its cage.

The second of the Patchwork Project’s five bands, Well Hidden Wolf, consists of vocalist and guitarist Jarrod Turner, lead guitarist Bryan Degase, bassist Jeremiah Lotven, keyboardist Josh Chittum and drummer Phylshawn Johnson.

Keep an ear out for Well Hidden Wolf's cover of The Beatles' “Octopus’s Garden,” which Lotven says was a good starting point for the group.

“It only took one to two practices before we had ('Octopus’s Garden') the way we wanted it,” Lotven says. “That’s the best part about having a cover is that it allows you to hit the ground running.”

Lotven says he felt lucky to have this lineup for the band and praised the raw skills of his band mates.

“I think we got stocked with talent,” he says. “Phyl is an amazing drummer. I’d easily put her as one of the best drummers in the city. And our guitar player is outrageous. The first day of practice he kind of blew me away.”

Lotven says for each of the songs, a member of the band offered a riff, vocals or some other element that allowed them all to build into a full song more easily. Degase describes the band’s sound as a sort of funky drive-in rock, but that doesn't mean Well Hidden Wolf fits into any one category.

“It’s difficult to group all of our songs for this set into one or two genres, because each song was literally written by a different person,” Lotven says. “It’s all rock ‘n’ roll pretty much, but I think each song kind of speaks to the person who wrote it."

Degase says the different styles of the members will set the band's live show apart from the others in the competition.

“We have a singer who’s country-driven and has a lower voice,” Degase says. “We have a song where our girl drummer sings and then we have a few instrumental songs. So there’s a wide variety in our set.”

Although the name of the group might sound like a typical college rock band’s moniker, Lotven had a more practical meaning behind its surface.

“No one has ever really heard of us before, but we’re pretty confident in what we have,” Lotven says. “We plan on coming out and melting faces, and hopefully people are pleasantly surprised.”

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