Local band Dubb Nubb graces True/False musical lineup

The three sisters are set to play The Blue Fugue on Feb. 28.

Most bands booked to play at True/False Film Fest are from out of state, but for the last four years, the festival has also served as a venue for local act Dubb Nubb.

Hannah and Delia Rainey are twin sisters and juniors at MU. They formed the band as freshmen in high school and have been playing together ever since. Dubb Nubb will be playing in the folk showcase for the True/False Film Fest.

This twin duo has been playing at True/False since 2010. Their older sister Amanda is the music coordinator for the event.

“It definitely helps make everything less confusing,” Hannah Rainey says. “Now that we’re pros at the festival, we’re friends with all the bands who come back.”

Dubb Nubb is a mix of various types of music. The sisters categorize their music as “folk,” as a way to blanket it under blues, indie, folk and country.

Both of the twins sing, and Hannah plays guitar while Delia plays ukulele. When she can, older sister Amanda joins in on drums.

The twins were 15 when they decided on the name Dubb Nubb.

“I wanted to be a famous rapper some day, and my name was going to be Lil’ Nubb,” Hannah Rainey says. “Double that, and you have Dubb Nubb.”

Hannah and Delia grew up in Olivette, a town in the St. Louis area. In high school, they played at places around Cherokee Street, which is a thriving arts community.

Dubb Nubb released a full-length album, called Wild Dreamin’, in November. The group has three full-length CDs out. Following the release of its 2011 CD, the band went on a coast-to-coast tour.

The tour lasted six weeks with 20 shows. Delia recalls that Amanda lost her shoes in the ocean after the trio fell asleep on the beach in Oregon.

With the option to buy just a music pass at True/False, there is a new audience that shows up just for the concerts.

“There’s definitely a bigger hype on music than in previous years,” Hannah Rainey says.

Dubb Nubb will perform at the True/False Festival at 7 p.m. Feb. 28 at The Blue Fugue.

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