Hawks (of Holy Rosary) bring zany style to The Blue Note

Hawks (of Holy Rosary) to open for Dr. Dog

It’s extremely rare for a musical group to be given the opportunity to open for one of their most beloved bands. It’s even more rare that the opening band hasn’t even released their second album.

For group leader Frank Weysos, this chance of a lifetime will be happening tomorrow night, as his band, The Hawks (of Holy Rosary) — an alternative-rock outfit branched in San Antonio — open for Dr. Dog at the Blue Note.

Having been together long enough to have released a single LP, the Hawks depend on their high-energy spirits the second they hit the stage. Weysos, a self-described comedian on stage, sees performing as a chance to take the sound they’ve developed and feed it to the masses, while always having a great time in the process. MOVE was able to chat with Weysos in preparation for tomorrow’s show, discussing their history, style and once in a lifetime opportunity.

MOVE: How did growing up in San Antonio influence the sound your band has?

Frank Weysos: The thing about San Antonio is anything goes in that town. I think that’s what allowed us to form a sound that had a little bit of everything. You don’t have to be in a particular genre for people to start showing to your concerts there.

M: Where would you say your band falls under, genre wise?

FW: I have no idea. These days, it’s kind of sad, everybody ends up getting clumped together under the tag of “indie rock.” We’ve definitely got an alternative-rock sound though.

M: Who are some of the band’s biggest influences?

FW: Actually, the band has never really discussed a sound they wanted to specifically target. Our drummer has always been a punk kind of guy; our bassist has a surf-rock kind of influence. As a band we all love nearly everything that came out of the 90s flow of alternative music.

M: What’s it like going on tour and opening for a band like Dr. Dog?

FW: For me personally, it’s literally a dream come true. I saw them at SXSW probably eight times. I think I’ve seen them forty-eight times. And everybody else in the band loves them. The fact that we get to support a successful band in the first place is awesome, but because it’s Dr. Dog, it’s absolutely incredible.

M: What does your band wish to achieve while performing live?

FW: We just want people to get people excited. (Bassist Chuck Hernandez) and I are stand-up comedians. Having seen the amount of shows I’ve seen in my life, I know my band talks a lot more than the average group. We want to create a comfortable environment where everybody feels like they’re our friends. We never want to give off a sense of pretentiousness.

M: How does your upcoming album compare to your debut album?

FW: Honestly, it just sounds better. Ultimately, the goal should always be what you’re doing now should be better than what you’re doing in the past. The earlier recordings would be done in our bedrooms, so we always heard a difference between the studio and the live sound. This upcoming album definitely a lot closer to our live shows.

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