Five tunes to tackle finals week

MOVE’s finals week pump-up playlist.

Finals week can put anyone in a slump. Besides coffee, music is the best solution to boost your energy and motivation. Plus, it won’t make you jittery (unless you’re dancing, that is). Music can also be a great stress reliever and remind you that even though you’re under pressure, every little thing is gonna be all right. Here are five upbeat songs that will energize your mind and help you shake off those pre-winter break blues.

Walk the Moon: “Work This Body”

The eighth track on WTM’s brand new album, “Talking is Hard,” is all about hard work and where it can get you. Not only does it have a motivating message, its poppy flair will have your feet tapping fast and your fingers typing faster.

Justin Timberlake: “TKO”

Get ready to knock out those exams and final projects (pun intended). This track from JT’s most recent album is smooth, just like him, but is still upbeat and will have your head bobbing while you study.

Magic Man: “Texas”

This band from Boston makes melodic, dance-influenced indie rock that will make you feel like you can do anything. Listen to just one of Magic Man’s electronic masterpieces before that big final and get pumped up by its sweet beat.

MGMT: “Electric Feel”

With its funky guitar and futuristic beat, this track is guaranteed to put you in a better mood. If you’re just not feeling those flashcards, put this on and turn it up loud. It’s energetic, groovy and a little bit sexy.

Arctic Monkeys: “Brianstorm”

For a more rock-heavy choice, look no further than Arctic Monkeys’ trademark snark and fast electric guitar to wake you up and get you back to work. It’ll have you saying, “See ya later, procrastinator.”

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