Five songs for finals

Study hard, jam harder

The most dreadful, yet exciting, time of the semester is upon us: finals week. This can only mean two things. First, that summer is almost here. But before that, we are gonna need some serious study music to get us through finals. Luckily, MOVE has already made your finals playlist for you. You’re gonna rock those exams.

“Beautiful Crime” by Tamer

“We fight every night for something,” like an A on all your finals. This is a serene and catchy tune from the trailer for the new Netflix series Daredevil, which shows that being a superhero might be much harder than what it seems like, but that it is definitely attainable if one is willing to work for it … kind of like those exams. With this song in your study playlist, you will be well-equipped for any challenge that your professors throw your way.

“Touch” by Troye Sivan

The wise and beautiful words of actor-and-YouTuber-turned-pop artist Troye Sivan are the perfect motivator during this stressful time. With a dance-y yet mellow beat, this song is perfect for keeping calm while studying and for intermittent dance breaks. Win-win.

“Paradise” by Coldplay

Right now, you’re surely dreaming of paradise in the form of the summer escape that lies just past the doors of your last final, and Coldplay is here to help remind you that paradise is just within reach. This somber yet uplifting song is ready to help you power through, all the way to summer.

“Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC

Pretty soon you’ll be saying “bye, bye, bye” to all of your scholarly woes. So let NSYNC’s classic anthem pump you up to get it done. Who better to get you through this tough time than Justin Timberlake circa ramen noodle hair?

“You Don’t Own Me” by Grace ft. G-Eazy

We all need a gentle reminder during exam week that there is a life beyond studying. This chill hip-hop song is the perfect reminder, along with being mellow enough to keep you studying all the way to that A+.

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