Dessa to perform at Mojo’s

Philosophy major delivers wisdom in rap form

Performances at the sometimes crusty, oftentimes musty, always fantastic Mojo’s have a tendency to be as diverse as musical genres can go. Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon bluegrass show, a relaxed electronic spectacle or a sweat-drenched punk show, there is always a change in the styles of music played at Mojo’s.

One act, coming to the venue this Friday, will prove to offer something that perfectly exemplifies the motive of creating a variety of music that is both meaningful and melodic.

This act, rapper Dessa, will be sure to add a new flare to the always expanding variety of genres played at Mojo’s. She's performing with her musical combination of a talented rhythm section to match heavy and creative bass movements, captivating lyrics and heart-wrenching hooks presented by Dessa herself.

Dessa is an unusual rapper in some of the most interesting respects to other story-filled hip-hop artists. After completing the International Baccalaureate program in high school, she graduated from University of Minnesota with honors and received a B.A. in philosophy.

Her educational endeavors translate well into poetic lyrics, rich with imagery and autobiographical experiences, ranging from past relationships to future barriers to break as a hip-hop artist. Her always witty-meets-wise lyrics, incorporated into the elevating electronic melodies, are the groundwork for the acclaim she deserves.

“I use little bits of language out of everyday experiences I have to lead into my lyrics,” Dessa says. “It’s just the kind of thing I’ve been doing for so long. Most of my work is autobiographical, and I try to make sure the songs I’ve made always have a strong creative energy.”

After releasing her album Parts of Speech in June, Dessa has been on the road for an extensive period of time. Even with the massive amount of bands that grow weary of the monotony and exhaustion touring may bring, Dessa believes that life on the road caused her band to creatively develop even further.

“This has been our longest and best run ever,” Dessa says. “We’ve had some of our best live shows as a group ever on this tour. You can really sense the growing chemistry.”

Not even a few tour hiccups, miniscule or devastating, could stop the momentum felt for Dessa. All that seems to remain constant is the optimism felt for how the group is performing.

“We’ve had shows where we lost gear, or even got burglarized,” Dessa says. “But it’s still been a great time. We’re performing at a another level.”

By the time the apparently happiest-band-around stops in Columbia, their presence is sure to be seen. The always groovy, always elegantly-speaking-words-of-fire Dessa will be sure to keep the diverse environment of Mojo’s going.

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