Decision 2008: The Top 5 Worst Obama-Inspired Songs


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5) "My President" - Young Jeezy

This seems to be a pretty solid depiction of Jeezy's general priorities in life. First, Obama. Second, Jeezy's Lambo. Third, being a trap star. Fourth, light gray Jordans. At least the dude is honest. Part of the problem here is simply the national forum on which it was heard. But apparently the whole indirectly equating the significance of the first black President with that of new blue rims seems like it may not be a change we can all believe in. Who knew?

4) "Politics" - Ludacris

This whole debacle almost felt like a posthumous "Chappelle's Show" "When Keepin' It Real Goes Wrong" skit. Without the Obama motif, this would have largely been a throwaway mixtape track. As it was, it ended up as literal proof that battle rap doesn't smoothly transition into politics. Luda takes aim at W., Jesse Jackson and Hillary with a vengeance in a fairly simplistic but well-intentioned hope to get out the vote gone awry. Oh yeah, and apparently making indirect threats about crippling formerly tortured war veterans isn't cool. Maybe it would have been easier if he just remixed "What's Your Fantasy" with all the different sexy ways and places you can... uhh... vote.

3) "Yes We Can" - Boy George

This song was off to a rough start after naming itself after the already ubiquitous and annoying anthem that arguably became the most successful prObama jam. Outside of that, you'd think if George was so "deeply moved" by Obama's infamous speech, he could have cranked out something more substantial than this 1:23 ditty (the first 20 seconds of which is just Obama speaking). The song sounds more like a Disney theme meets Marcus Garvey credo than a political piece.

2) "Waiting On The World To Change 2008" - Joe Budden, Twista, John Mayer

So it turns out this song, from the official unofficial DJ Green Lantern Obama mixtape, isn't really so bad. It's got a pretty decent Sarah Palin diss ("I got word from my lady/she said JB if they rape me then Palin want me to keep the baby"). But we just didn't feel right not including a song that combined the most pathetic wannabe political song ever with the most overrated Internet rapper ever. Maybe they were going old school with the ol' two wrongs make a right idea on this one.

1) "American Prayer" - Dave Stewart

That's right all you kids who've been up nights waiting for that random dude from The Eurythmics to come out with his Obama song - the day is yours. While cheese-tastic songs by marginally famous musicians never really hurt anyone, have they ever really helped anyone either? The music video truly seals the deal when Barry Manilow, Whoopi Goldberg and Jason Alexander make up the most famous of a long list of guest stars that allow this to serve as a sort of "We Are The World" meets "Where Are They Now?" mash-up.

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