Album review: Hellogoodbye’s ‘Everything Is Debatable’

Forrest Kline brings back a rather forgettable synth-pop sound.

Hellogoodbye’s brand new album, Everything Is Debatable, is a fresh new look at the band. Their previous album, Would It Kill You? tried to stray away from Hellogoodbye’s original synth-pop by creating a more indie rock sound.

Everything Is Debatable, however, reintroduces Hellogoodbye’s initial sound with a few elements of the indie rock feel that they found with their second album. The album includes mostly upbeat, synth-infused songs like “And Everything Becomes a Blur” and “The Magic Hour Is Now.”

There is the exceptional slow song, “How Wrong I Can Be,” but the crowning achievement on this album is easily “Just Don’t Let Go Just Don’t.” With an upbeat and fun harmony line and extremely good vocals on Forrest Kline’s part, it is an instant winner, and my favorite song.

But even with all of the upbeat, fun songs, and “Just Don’t,” this album is missing something. It’s lacking in substance and gets a little boring the more that you listen to it. Most of the songs sound the same and are relatively forgettable, and the lyrics are a little uninspired.

Hellogoodbye has become yet another indie-synth group like Walk the Moon or M83. And songs like “Swear You’re in Love” and “Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon” are practically begging to be put in a commercial somewhere.

I feel like Hellogoodbye tried too hard to fit in with todays electro-indie genre, when they used to be perfectly well-known for their specifically electronic sound. The album is enjoyable, but simply forgettable.

MOVE gives Everything Is Debatable 3 out of 5 stars.

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