Upcoming film ‘A Star Is Born’ is already making an impact

The lead roles of the upcoming film “A Star Is Born” speak on various aspects of the film, and moviegoers discuss why they’re eager to watch.


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Movie-goers are excited about the remake of the film “A Star Is Born” to be released on Oct. 5. This will be the fourth remake of the film that originated in the 1930s. The film is produced and directed by Bradley Cooper and is considered an American musical romantic drama. Cooper wrote the screenplay with Will Fetters and Eric Roth.

Audiences are also enthusiastic about the casting of the film, which includes Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper playing musical artists as lead roles. The storyline depicts a romance between the two actors and the struggle that comes with battling their inner demons.

Freshman Kayla Collins is eager to see how the dynamics will play out between the two leading actors and how the film will transpire.

“I absolutely love both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, so I can’t wait to see how they work together in the movie,” Collins said. “I originally never pictured them being romantically involved but even after watching the trailer, I can tell this movie will blow everyone away. It doesn’t even matter that it isn’t a true story.”

In an interview with (YouTube channel)[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63A0yBEVIrI&t=180s] Collider Quick, Gaga said her off-set relationship with Cooper heavily impacted their relationship on-screen and enhanced the movie.

“Bradley believed in me and I really believed in him and I still do all of the time,” Gaga said. “And I think that really shows itself in this film. If we didn’t have that actual connection and friendship behind the scenes, then it would be very different. But he really captured the honesty of our private friendship as well as the love story and the trust that they have with each other and how they believe in each other and how that makes their love soar.”

In the same interview, Cooper agreed that believing in one another plays a large part in the film.

“I think we all need each other in the most essential way possible, and that’s one of the things we’ve tried to convey in this movie,” Cooper said. “In essence, what happens when just two people believe in each other and what they’re able to accomplish not just musically but together and how hard life is, that’s the dilemma.”

In an interview on (The Ellen Degeneres Show)[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf4sTQyloIQ], Cooper said the musical talent of Gaga, as well as the all-original soundtrack, play a large part in making this a compelling movie.

“I’ve really been awakened to the phenomenon of singing…” Cooper said. “Gaga just shines because she is incredible…And all the music is original and not from the older films.”

“A Star Is Born” will also showcase actors Anthony Ramos, famously known from the musical “Hamilton,” and Michael Harney from the television series “Orange Is the New Black.” The film will be showing at local Columbia theaters around the release date.

Edited by Alexandra Sharp | asharp@themaneater.com

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