Vintage Hunting

Inject a little secondhand style to your fall look with Absolute Vintage.


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This fall’s bold, warm hues and creamy pastels on refined, minimalist apparel look stunning on the runway, but not everyone can wear or afford these luxury items. Vintage clothing stores such as Absolute Vintage in downtown Columbia can be a smart and chic alternative for the college student who is more price conscious and less brand conscious. Absolute Vintage employee Colleen Blake says much of what is fashionable today is rooted in the past. Timeless styles can be found in the store at prices much lower than the original cost. Today, modern designers borrow cuts and styles of 1950s day dresses, the bright colors and floral prints of the 1960s and the skinny jeans and pants of the 1980s -- and you can, too.

Absolute Vintage Ensembles Dressy casual

  1. Black and white knit dress, 1960s, $22
  2. Black velvet pumps, modern, $22
  3. Black and silver leather belt, modern, $22


  1. Black wool dress, 1950s, $38
  2. Black velvet pumps, modern, $22
  3. Silver metal belt, 1970s, $12
  4. Black leather oversized clutch, 1960s, $12

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

  1. Leather bomber jacket Brown leather jacket, 1970s, $48

  2. Dual-color cardigan Rust with black trim cardigan, 1970s, $38

  3. Patterned pencil skirt Striped pencil skirt, 1980s, $16 Polka-dot pencil skirt, 1960s, $16

  4. Oversized clutch/handbag Tri-tone handbag, 1950s, $16

  5. Brimmed hat Brimmed hats, 1950s-modern, varying prices

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