Top 10 commonly failed New Year’s Eve resolutions

Every New Year’s Eve, people make the same resolutions, but they often fail to follow through.

Family, friends and even strangers across the world gather together to celebrate the start of a new year at midnight Jan. 1. Some people are scanning the room in hopes of finding their perfect New Year’s Eve kiss, waiting for the ball to drop. Others are drowning their sorrows with a bottle of wine. However, many of us at some point find ourselves in the midst of a crowd reflecting on the past year and creating resolutions for the year to come.

Maybe you are one of those people who swear this year is the year we are going to finally follow through with our resolutions. Or maybe you are a part of the majority of people who subconsciously know that following through with your resolution is not high on your list of priorities.

Here is a list of the most common resolutions that nobody actually follows through:

1) Working out and losing weight

Let’s admit it; we are all guilty of this one. Something about the holiday season ending makes us believe that our summer bodies are just around the corner. Suddenly the Rec is flooded with people the week back from break, and then the next week everyone realizes that working out requires hard work and dedication. What college student has time for that?

2) Eating healthier

Everyone wants to start a health kick to go along with their inspiration to suddenly work out more. Eating healthy can be difficult when students are surrounded by dining hall foods filled with excessive amounts of carbohydrates and sodium. Not only that, but healthy food is expensive and college students are broke.

3) Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is that friend in high school who your parents were always unsure about. You had a great time with them, but suddenly your attitude in school was awful. Procrastination is a great friend until you are chugging coffee at 4 a.m. because you have three papers due and an exam, but all you want to do is watch the next episode on Netflix. Everyone procrastinates, and most people procrastinate stopping procrastination.

4) Trying to spend less money

Coming into college, we all looked into how much tuition costs and noticed the section that mentions personal expenses. We assumed we would never spend that much, but somehow we find ourselves exceeding it. Money is spent on Uber rides, bar tabs, online shopping, concert tickets and more. We all are looking at our empty bank accounts and swearing that we are going to cut down on how much we spend until it is time to find some cash again.

5) Let go of grudges

Something about the clock striking twelve makes people believe they are automatically a new person. We often claim we want to let go of the past, but many find it difficult to actually do so. All of the sudden your grudge against Sally from work is over with until she decides to backstab you again, even though its a new year.

6) Work harder in school

Most of us are scrambling to get our grades up as the semester is coming to end. We swear to ourselves that next semester we will try better from the start. For a few weeks people appear to finally have their life together, but then the first round of exams starts and everyone is back to giving up and scrambling once again.

7) Get over an ex

You swear to yourself that this is the year all about you and not all about them. You think to yourself that you are completely over them, but all of the sudden they send you a simple text and you are a mess again. Many people never get over their ex; they simply have to learn to live without them.

8) Fall in love

Some people make their resolution to find love. They don’t realize that you are never going to find love by searching for it in every person they meet. You don’t find love; love finds you.

9) Use technology less

In the world of social media, it is hard to disconnect sometimes. Recently, people are making resolutions to use technology less, but in today’s generation it is hard when people are constantly surrounded by it, especially when college uses so much technology, too.

10) Take more chances

We often find ourselves stuck in a rut where we get scared of new opportunities because they are unfamiliar. Some people follow through with this resolution, while others remain afraid of taking a risk for once. You never know if you never try. So this year, actually take a risk and try one of your resolutions rather than putting it on the shelf for next year.

Edited by Katherine White |

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