The January Lanterns show their talents, love at Roots N Blues N BBQ

Local indie duo rocked the stage with their mellow sounds on the Great Southern Bank stage.

Roots N Blues N BBQ began on Sunday with husband and wife folk duo The January Lanterns. Kristen and Andrew Camp started the show with the song “What I’m Going Through” and the crowd was listening through it all. From the audience, I could feel the love and chemistry between them. Kristen Camp spoke about the meaning behind the band’s name. She talked about their struggles with their marriage and how they overcame them with music.

In an effort to save their marriage, the duo sat and talked about what they thought needed to happen and that’s when they began writing music. “The January Lanterns is trying to bring warmth and light back into a very cold and wary marriage,” Kristen Camp said.

They sang “Till Our Souls Are At Rest,” which talks of them looking back on the good and bad times of their lives together and how they still love each other. I could tell Kristen Camp loved being on stage with her husband. Even when she wasn’t singing, she swayed along as Andrew Camp performed.

The January Lanterns are beautiful singers and I love the soft and beautiful melodies they use in their songs. I hope the best for the couple and will continue to listen to their music in the future. They have come a long way in their journey and their careers are just beginning.

Edited by Joe Cross |

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