Style Files: Best and worst fashion trends of 2012

Fashion columnist Claire Boston on which trends should stay and which should go in 2013

I tend to have gut reactions to clothing trends. I’m rarely ambivalent to what comes down the runway, which explains why I’m such a fan of the best and worst lists that come out at the end of each year. To celebrate the last issue of MOVE for the semester, I’ve decided to compile my own version of a year in review — keep reading to find out what to keep in your closet and what might not stick around for 2013.

Fall fashion saw a number of great rustic colors to wear. A lot of them were the perennial fall options, but one new color from fall has serious staying power: oxblood. The beautiful dark red color is universally flattering and super easy to match to anything. Even better, the hue holds over well for the holiday season. You’ll probably have to ditch the color come spring, but definitely stick those sweaters in the back of your closet for next fall.

Leather jackets seemed to pop up everywhere in 2012, and I do hope they stick around next year (maybe only because I have yet to find the perfect one for myself). Jokes aside, the dozens of different cuts and colors mean there’s a jacket style for nearly everyone. Once you find your perfect fit, the outfit possibilities are virtually endless. The jackets look equally good with your favorite jeans, floral spring dress or going-out outfit.

Peplum dresses and skirts have been around for the past couple of seasons, but 2012 may have been the breakout year for the style. Although the ruffles aren’t universally flattering, I have serious outfit lust for anyone who can pull off the style. Peplum is the perfect way to keep vintage silhouettes modern and fun, and as a huge fan of everything Christina Hendricks wears on "Mad Men," I’m looking forward to seeing more of this in 2013.

For all the good in the fashion world, there’s also plenty of bad. The number one offender of 2012 wasn’t an article of clothing per se, but rather a material. Ladies, I hate to say it, but I’m sick of sequins. They’re slowly taking over the world — I see them on your UGGs, Sperrys, purses and PINK hoodies. And I must say, I’m simply not a fan. Don’t get me wrong, sequins are perfect (read: required) for New Year’s Eve or that Ke$ha concert, but on the other 363 days of the year, think twice before you don anything with excessive sparkles. Your peers will thank you when they’re not blinded by reflections.

I was never a huge fan of '90s fashion, but I’ve tolerated a lot of the revival gear that has come down the runway in the past couple of seasons. But there’s one look I’m seriously sick of: crop tops. I have yet to see the abrupt boxy cutoff look flattering on anyone, and they kind of remind me of Britney Spears circa 2001. Let’s face it — that’s not really a look anyone wants to remember.

Sheer is a much more modern look that has been around every spring for the last couple of years, and I’m almost reluctant to put it on my “not” list. I’ve seen sheer tops work well on a bunch of people, but after several seasons in the spotlight, I think it’s simply time to move on to some new fabrics and a wider repertoire of colors (nothing against pastels, of course). Next spring, ditch the bandeau and that gauzy shirt and opt for some tops with a little more substance.

To end on a cheesy note, I’ve had a great time writing this column this semester, but I’m also super excited to pass the job along to the incredibly fashionable Madi Feller. I know she’ll do a great job, and I’m looking forward to reading her recommendations for spring. In the meantime, Tigers, enjoy your break and stay stylish!

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