Six summer-to-fall fashion pieces that won’t break the bank

Transition your wardrobe from summer to fall with just a few key pieces.


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Fall shopping can be irresistible, and you’ve probably been excited about it since stores transitioned their stock last month. But until true sweater weather rolls around, I’m guessing not a whole lot of what you’ve lusted after in stores is wearable. To give yourself an excuse to do some fall shopping now, check to see if you have these staples for taking a wardrobe from summer to fall.

For the accessory fiend in us all, there’s nothing wrong with a new pair of shoes. To get maximum wear-time from your new purchase, opt for a pair of ankle boots. They’ll look cute with jeans and sweaters, but can also be paired with shorts for a punk rock vibe. Stick to a neutral brown or black so you’ll be able to match them to almost anything, but feel free to find your taste in detailing — plenty of options have interesting studs, buckles or straps that you can match to your personal style.

Scarves are another great accessories option to purchase early in the fall season. You now have an excuse to add those gorgeous darker hues to your wardrobe, and if you stick to lighter fabrics (bonus: they’re usually cheaper), you won’t be uncomfortably hot if you start wearing them now. Pair a dark scarf with a lighter, more summery shirt and you’ll have a perfect outfit for either season.

Although simple, a perfectly fitted white shirt is essential in any wardrobe, any time of year. When you’re buying now, however, stay away from the sheer sleeveless blouses that work so well for summer. For the perfect fall shirt, you shouldn’t need a bandeau to be decent. Instead, try a long sleeve Oxford -— you’ll be glad to have one on hand when it gets colder, and in the meantime you can cuff the sleeves and wear it with shorts so you don’t overheat.

It’s okay if jeans are your go-to pants option, but consider updating your wardrobe with something just a tad more formal, like a khaki pant. Twill breathes far better than denim, so it’s an option that makes sense if you can’t quite tell how the evening weather will turn out. If you can’t see yourself donning what may seem like the go-to piece for stuffy office workers, think again: khakis actually come in just about every cut and shade imaginable, so you’ll be easily able to find a pair that suits your style. Added bonus: you’ll save yourself a shopping trip if you ever find yourself needing to look sharp for an impromptu presentation or job interview.

As for other leg wear, it may not quite be tights season, but it’s still not a bad idea to stock up on them now when stores have just about every color and pattern available. Adding a few pairs to your closet will help you get more mileage out of your summer dresses as it gets colder. Lace or patterned tights can add an interesting textural component to floral dresses, and sheerer fabrics will be comfortable on warmer days.

There’s plenty of reasons to get excited about fall clothing, but even if you still find yourself eyeing that perfect breezy tank on the summer clearance rack, don’t feel bad about snapping it up when it will soon be out of season. Tanks can take you well into fall if they’re paired with dark bottoms or comfy cardigans. Plus, if you’re not ready to give up summer, you probably still have a few weeks left to wear them on their own.

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