Sartorial Sara: Here Comes the Sun (Dresses)

Boys shorty shorts, sundresses and a plethora of patterns came out to play this week on campus.

Post-spring-break, we all crawled back to class, caffeine in hand. The sunny skies of Gulf Shores, Panama City Beach and elsewhere were no more when we all arrived back in Missouri. However, in an exciting turn of events, the sun was shining this week, and MU students took notice in the form of fashion.

In my clothing-creeping ventures around campus, I saw a little less clothing – in a good way.

The male population showed a little thigh in short Chubbies-brand shorts under the cloudless blue sky. Paired with pastels, these guys in shorty shorts and Sperry shoes looked ready to spring into summer. The men of MU are channeling their inner celebrity stud. The shorter short has been popular among the likes of David Beckham and Big Sean, and the men of MU are rocking them just as well.

The ladies, on the other hand, looked sleek and chic in breezy, flowing sundresses. They showed a little leg in the most fun, most comfortable fashion statement since Uggs. (I’m kidding, Uggs were never fashionable.) Most sundresses seen on campus were knee length and paired with flats or sandals. Occasionally, some spunky students paired their sweet, sassy dresses with Chuck Taylors Converse to mix things up. The sundresses ranged from sweetheart neckline to spaghetti straps to no straps at all. Oh, how I’ve missed the days of throwing on a dress moments before my 9 a.m. class begins. Just watch out for that wind, ladies. I almost had a few Marilyn Monroe moments this week alone.

Patterns were universal on campus this week as well. Students ditched their solid black and gold garb and added some stripes, florals and polka dot prints.

But perhaps the biggest fashion statement sweeping not only Tiger Nation but all of the U.S. is man buns. Guys are growing their hair and sweeping it back in an elegant, tightly wound bun like they just don’t care. From small and stumpy to long and luscious, it seems that more and more students are lengthening their do. Heartthrobs on the red carpet are rocking this look, and the men of MU are following suit. Is it just me or does it seem like these guys picked up back issues of Us Weekly over spring break and are taking a page from the wardrobe of pop culture’s most coveted? Regardless, this fashion-forward thinking by the guys with their clothing and hairstyles is something that can be appreciated.

All in all, students aren’t letting the final stretch of the semester affect their style sense. If anything, the MU campus is seeing bolder statements from students. Gone are the days of puffy jackets and North Face vests. Or are they? If I’ve learned anything from my nearly four years in Mid-Missouri, it’s that you never know. While I’m contemplating life’s complexities in the form of fashion, you’ll see me on the quad holding down the hem of my sundress in case a gust of wind strikes, and I can assure you that my puffy jacket will hanging not too far back in my closet.

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