A pitcher-perfect Valentine’s Day

Learn how to drink like a pro with these fruity yet sophisticated Valentine’s Day drinks.

On Valentine’s Day, drinking is practically a sport. Whether you have a special someone you’re swooning over or hosting an “I hate Valentine’s Day” party, you can’t go wrong with treating yourself (and maybe your valentine) to a fruity cocktail, or five.

Lovers in Paradise

If you’ve already picked out his and hers towels and want to grow old together, then His and Hers Cocktails are perfect for you. With these two different cocktails, you can sip them separately with your dinner and then kiss to mix them! When mixed, you get the perfect pairing of sweet vanilla and raspberry chocolate.

If you like being put on a throne and waved with enormous palm tree leaves, then Nectar of the Gods is the drink for you. With this sweet champagne, you can sit back and relax like the god or goddess you are. Just play some Trey Songz and kick it in the bathtub.

His and Hers Cocktails

His ingredients:

        2 fluid ounces vanilla vodka

        1 fluid ounce hazelnut liqueur

        ½ cup ice cubes

Her ingredients:

        1 fluid ounce raspberry vodka

        1 fluid ounce crème de cacao

        1 teaspoon chocolate syrup

        1 fluid ounce half-and-half cream

        2 maraschino cherries


Prepare his cocktail by pouring the vanilla vodka and hazelnut liqueur into a rocks glass over ice. Pour the contents of the glass into a cocktail shaker, then pour back into the rocks glass to mix.

Prepare her cocktail by pouring the raspberry vodka and crème de cacao into a cocktail shaker over ice. Cover and shake until the outside of the shaker has frosted. Strain into a martini glass rimmed with chocolate syrup, pour in the half-and-half, and garnish with maraschino cherries.

Kiss to mix flavors.

Nectar of the Gods:


        1 ½ fluid ounce jigger raspberry flavored liqueur (Chambord)

        1 ½ fluid ounces agave nectar

        4 fluid ounces Champagne


Stir raspberry-flavored liqueur and agave nectar together in a tall glass using a spoon. Tilt the glass at an angle and pour in Champagne.

Bitter is Better

If you can’t stand the sight of foolish young couples holding hands and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, then Bitter and Bold Sangria is the best for you. With its deceiving base of red wine and cranberry syrup, this devilish drink will have you running for the hills when all is said and done. The aged bourbon is suitable for those who want a drink just like them, aged and bitter! (We still love you.)

Valentine’s Day on the Rocks:


        1 ½ ounces cherry vodka

        4 ounces ginger ale

        Splash of Grenadine

        1 cherry


Mix ingredients in a glass filled with ice and garnish with a cherry.

Bitter and Bold Sangria:


        2 cups red wine

        ½ cup cranberry syrup

        5 ounces bourbon

        5 ounces Campari

        1 orange (quartered and sliced)

        Chilled seltzer for serving

        Fresh cranberries (halved)


Combine red wine, cranberry syrup, bourbon and Campari in a quart jar or pitcher and stir to combine. Add half the orange slices and refrigerate until completely cool.

To serve, put ½ cup of the sangria concentrate into each glass and top with 2-3 ounces of seltzer. Garnish with one or two of the remaining fresh orange slices and a small handful of halved cranberries.

Hair of the dog

This is the drink you’ve all been waiting for! No matter if you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, this drink will have you pretending like you’re curing a hangover, but it really just soothes your heart from the day before. The Chocolate Coffee Kiss looks and tastes like coffee, but has a little liquor twist so we don’t have to go through the “day after” alone. This is the best wake-up call you will ever have.

Chocolate Coffee Kiss:


        ¾ fluid ounce coffee liqueur

        ¾ fluid ounce Irish cream liqueur

        ½ fluid ounce crème de cacao liqueur

        1 teaspoon brandy-based orange liqueur (Grand Marnier)

        1 cup hot brewed coffee

        2 tablespoons whipped cream

        1 ½ fluid ounces’ chocolate syrup

        1 maraschino cherry


In a coffee mug, combine coffee liqueur, Irish cream, crème de cacao and Grand Marnier. Fill mug with hot coffee. Top with a dollop of whipped cream, drizzle with chocolate syrup, and garnish with maraschino cherry.

Edited by Katherine White | kwhite@themaneater.com

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