Overdressed: With tricks and treats

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on creating the perfect Halloween look

There are a few things in life that make me desperately wish time travel was a thing.

I often wish that I could go back to being four, when publicly sipping from a juice box was completely normal. I also wish that I could tiptoe back to my seven-year-old self, who looked adorable in pigtails.

More importantly, every Halloween, I wish I could sprint back to the time when picking out a costume was simple.

In those days, my mom would simply look at me and ask, “Do you want to be a princess or a ladybug?” I would select whichever option had been lingering through my elementary thoughts and squeal in reply.

When the last day of October rolled around, I would be dressed in my adorable little costume and sent to frolic around the neighborhood. I would collect enough candy to send me into a sugar coma, and the rest was history.

But the days of lollipops and face paint ended in seventh grade. It was the magical year that girls went from wanting to look adorable and fun to, well, hot. It started with the short, poofy skirts and knee high socks. By the time junior year of high school rolled around, it was socially acceptable to walk around in underwear and animal ears. Because, really, what mouse doesn’t wear a corset and fishnets?

Now, in college, anything goes. Last year, I saw sexy Taco Bell sauce packets, sexy notebook paper and a sexy loofah. So much sexy.

This year, I wanted to create a costume. Something semi-sexy, but still classy and cool. My original idea of being a handful of glitter got shut down with a plethora of “Are you serious?” faces and looks of judgmental silence from my girlfriends. So, needless to say, my search for the perfect Halloween costume is still underway.

For anyone who doesn’t have the time to come up with something new, consider a fresh spin on a classically simple costume idea: the cat.

Before you roll your eyes with the images of high school Halloween parties, give this idea some thought.

Start with a simple black leotard and, yes, cat ears. For my ladies that like to show more than a little skin, layer the leotard on top of some fishnet tights. Wanting to go a little more modest? Go with some thick, opaque black tights (note: These will keep you warm, as well). You can also use sheer tights to find your happy medium.

Whether you are playing it a little safe or going all out, the makeup is key. YouTube a how-to on doing cat makeup. Why? Because it will separate you from every other “cat” in the room.

Once you’ve got your feline facial going on, slip your feet into solid black pumps to lengthen your legs. Or play it a little more safe and comfy and opt for a pair of black combat boots.

Tease your hair into a sexy, messy tousle of hot, and layer on the blingy jewelry for a smolderingly glamorous look. If messy glam isn’t your style, try smoothing your locks back into a high ponytail and donning your neck with a simple chain necklace.

Whether you’re not quite wanting to flaunt all of what your momma gave you, or you’re ready to bare it all, make this Halloween one to remember.

You don’t have to show off to stand out, but there’s no rule that says you can’t do both.

After all, fabulous is fabulous.

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