Overdressed: The pleasure of pleather

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on looking like a badass in the chilly weather

As you well know, I have practically been clicking my heels together (my hypothetical, but obviously still fabulous fire hydrant red, sparkly stilettos) wishing for fall weather.

Not because I’m particularly excited about losing feeling in my fingers as October progresses, or because I’m cute when I’m shivering. I’m not. I have been awaiting the brisk chill of fall because of the sweaters, jeggings and chicness that come with its crisp winds.

Though the first few days of “fall” left much to be desired (mostly because I was still able to wear shorts), the arrival of mid-October has finally brought a light of hope into my life.

The first day my weather app showed the anticipated temperature to fall below 50 degrees, I set out on the task that was transitioning my closet from summer to fall. And what a glorious task it was.

The next few days were full of scarves, sweaters and preppy riding boots. However, my cold weather getups would need a statement piece. Yes, I had a ton of makeup looks I was working on for a standout look. But I wanted a piece of clothing that was, well, hot, even in the low temperatures.

Just as I was about to lose all faith in any chance I had of finding my cold weather sexy, I got a cute little Facebook event invitation. My good girlfriend was throwing herself a themed birthday party. The theme? Pleather.

That’s it. Nothing exuberates the aura of calm and sexy like a motorcycle style jacket or vest. It was in my search for the perfect outfit for my friend’s birthday bash that I found the style statement I had been desperately searching for.

My first prospective piece was a pair of studded, pleather biker shorts. For a chic look, I layered them over a pair of sheer tights and slipped my feet into some black leather combat boots. On top, I sported a knit, cream cropped top. Yes, cropped tops are more of a summer staple. However, the material of that top is one that’s made for cold weather. Also, the struggle that is dressing for a cold, windy outside and a warm, steamy party room full of people needs to be addressed.

I finished the look with a simple eye, red lip and high teased ponytail. The amount of contrast in this outfit is bananas and everything that is wonderful in style. The black on black of the southern hemisphere of the outfit against the sweet femininity of cream is classically appealing. The red lip is also a nice pop of color to a fiercely neutral look.

My other option was none other than a pair of faux leather jeggings. The slim fit and shiny material is flattering and bold. To keep the look long and lean, I added plain black pumps. Want to go out on a fabulously stylish limb? Try a shoe in a bold pattern. It was important to balance the slimness of the pants with something a little bulky on top, so, I paired them with a cozily chunky off the shoulder sweater.

This look is hot, but a little bit put-together looking. So to add a little whimsical flair, I created a smoldering smoky eye look and curled my hair into an effortlessly mussed up ‘do.

I was in love with both looks, but went with the shorts.

Pleather is one of many style pieces that can be used to make a statement and keep you warm. So, as you set out to make Lowry Mall your fall fashion runway, make sure you’re taking risks and being as fabulously overdressed as you want to be.

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