Overdressed: And underdressed, too

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on how to rock this summer's trends

With classes over (unless you have the privilege of sitting through those adorable summer classes), summer is upon us in full force. Some of you are jetting off to fabulous international locations for internships or relaxing vacations, while others are basking in the comfort of being back home.

Regardless of your summer plans, the possibilities for this season are limitless. Also lacking boundaries? Summer style.

Yes, the fashion world has been drifting further and further away from traditional rules on how to dress. This summer, especially, is serving up a handful of looks that are everything but conventional. The season’s trends feature dangerously high cropped shorts and tops, exposed upper bellies and cutout dresses.

Let’s take a quick trip back to the early '90s when Britney, Christina and Destiny’s Child were in every video with a cropped top and low-rise jeans. Belly buttons and hipbones were all the rage.

Today’s spin on this look? High-waisted skirts and short shorts, paired with bandeaus and crop tops. Think less belly button and hipbone and more upper midriff. Dangerously cheeky.

While this look is definitely bold and may sound a bit questionable, there are ways to do it to avoid looking sleazy. Because, let’s face it, that’s just not cute.

The key to successfully accomplishing this sexy, bold look is to appropriately balance your skin exposure.

High-waisted shorts are usually super cheeky, but the high rise keeps them from being trashy. The fact that they cover your belly button makes it socially acceptable to pair them with a short top. Try putting a distressed pair of high-waisted denim shorts with a patterned, cropped — or tied up — top. The slouchier, the better.

A safer way to rock this look is with a cutout dress. A flirty dress that exposes little slivers of your side allows you to be sexy but classy.

Another amazing thing about this trend is that it can fit into just about any style category.

Scalloped shorts in a pastel color with a lacy, cropped tank are perfect for a soft, feminine look. To make it more glam, just add a bold pink lipstick and funky gold accessories.

One of my favorite pieces I own is a pair of faux leather high-waisted shorts with silver studs on the pockets, which I got from H&M. For days when my inner rocker chick is shining, I add combat boots, a super cropped tank, a topknot and dark lipstick.

Not quite ready to flaunt what ya got? No problem. Maxi dresses and high-low hemlines are making their style debut this summer, as well. Add flashy accessories and a woven belt to a simple maxi dress for a pretty, classy look. To give that dress a more chill vibe, throw on some cool shades and a cute fedora.

Also, a high-low skirt goes perfectly with a strapless cropped top. The bare shoulder and not-too-revealing leg action is the perfect serving of sexy without showing all of the merchandise.

So, as things begin to heat up, so should your outfits.

Don’t be afraid to show a little skin. After all, being underdressed (in the most mild sense of the word, of course) never hurt anybody.

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