Overdressed: And un-fabulous

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on the ugly side of beauty

The past weeks have been filled to the brim with midterms, final projects and seasonal allergies. All of this sneezing and studying led me to a simple conclusion: I needed to do something drastic to maintain my sanity. I needed something distracting, yet productive.

So, after a de-stressing phone call with my best friend, I was left with a comforted mind and her HBO GO account information.

I browsed for hours before stumbling upon what may just be the most glorious thing I have witnessed to date. All six seasons of “Sex and the City.”

I’ve watched a season and a half, and already my life consists of more clarity. The decade difference and the personalities of the characters are beyond entertaining. However, it’s Carrie Bradshaw’s sense of style that drives me completely bananas. Even better? The fact that in the midst of all of her fabulous-ness, she manages to be so unfabulous. And not in the way that Emma Roberts was on Nickelodeon.

No, it’s more in the sense that Carrie gets splashed by a city bus rolling through a puddle as she’s walking down the street in a cute outfit. The kicker? A picture of her is sprawled on this bus. Sound familiar? If not, find a best friend that’s generous with his or her HBO GO password, or tune in to E! every day around 2 p.m.

I say all of this to remind you that one of the most hilariously humanizing parts of being fashionable or stylish is the blunt realization that sometimes…you’re just not. And even better, these quirky mishaps keep you approachable, adorable and yourself. Because, let’s face it, no one person should have to bear the burden of being flawlessly chic all the time. Am I right?

Take this, for example. Chunky bracelets are just that: chunky. And in the season of sweaters and jackets, it is easy to get those clunkers stuck in your sleeves as you try to slide your arms through. Add putting on a backpack to the mix, and you’ve got a full on lopsided version of the chicken dance going on smack dab in the middle of a busy lecture hall. Cute? Not so much. Inevitable? If you’re trying to rock your wrist game, probably.

And you best believe that if you take the time to create a pretty pout, there will some sort of mishap with your lipstick. Whether it be all over the lip of your coffee cup or adding some color to your dazzling smile, there is no denying the fact that your lip color will be wanting to make a statement in more ways than one. Crack a joke, rub it off and keep it movin’.

What’s in right now? An adorable flared skirt. And anticipate that the exact day that you choose to strut your stuff in your cute little flippy skirt, the wind is going to decide that you aren’t worthy of its decency.

Next time, maybe throw on a pair of spandex shorts.

Sometimes, the most endearing things about us are the things that we take in stride. Yes, you can look classically beautiful with a sock bun. You can absolutely look hot to trot with the right hue of eye shadow. And there is no denying that you can be cute as a button with a Peter Pan collar.

However, the best way to tie in your look is to carry it with confidence. The confidence in knowing how fabulous you are. Fabulous when your pants accidentally rip, a button pops off, or your mascara wipes off on your skin.

Because, honestly, overdressed and humble are the best things to be. Duh.

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