Overdressed: And owning it

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on playing up your fall style

You know how summer is all about appearing to be minimalist? Like, you actually apply layers upon layers of foundation, bronzers and blush to achieve a dewy, fresh, “I’m actually not wearing much makeup” look. Your belly button is out and about, your shorts are as short as can be, and if you’re wearing shoes, they’re probably made of a combination of straps.

Less (or the illusion of it, anyway) is definitely more during those steamy summer months.

But, if you’re like me, you’re beyond excited about the fact that it’s the time of year again when “more” takes back the rightful ownership of its identity. One can only be that cryptic for so long.

Imagine the feeling of taking a bite of an extremely rich cake after spending weeks of having strawberries for dessert. Don’t get me wrong: Strawberries are tasty and great for a healthy food, but that forkful of red velvet hits the spot in a way that those spotted red berries just can’t.

This is how I feel about the piles of necklaces, deep eye shadow shades and the deliciously excessive layers of sweaters that enter the playing field of fall and winter style.

Fall and winter offer us style lovers a prime time to pull out all the stops and be as glamorous and overdone as we want to be. We’re wearing more clothing, so it’s totally fine to play everything up to make a statement.

There is something about nippy wind and chilly air that makes you want to cling to all the warmth you can. While it isn’t cold enough to pull out a big winter coat, the days of being good with just a tank top are making an exit. This means layers are a must.

Something super fun this season is to play with different textures as you pile on different layers. Think a basic tee, an unbuttoned plaid shirt and a faux-fur vest over it all. It sounds all over the place because it is, but it works. All those crazy layers with a pair of simple black skinnies and plain boots looks cool. Want something a little more girly? Try a collared shirt underneath a plush sweater with a fitted mini and tights.

When putting on your face during the summer, you have to take sweat and all of its glistening glory into consideration. As we say goodbye to all that loveliness, we are able to welcome in those darker shadows and cheek tints. Also, you don’t have to choose just one area of your face to highlight. With longer sleeves and hemlines, it becomes more practical to have fun with your face.

For a daringly smoldering look, try sweeping your cheekbones with a red blush. Then apply a brown-tinted smoky eye with dark brown/black top and bottom liner. Finish it off with a black mascara to add volume.

Your eyes will be bold and sexy, but your cheeks will be gorgeously flushed. While in July that may be considered too much, it’s appropriately stunning in late October .

Since this time of year is also when neutrals tend to take over, our accessories become even more important. Like with makeup, you can pile those suckers on to your heart’s content. Bangles, rings AND the dangly earrings? Do it. In fact, do it with a fuzzy scarf.

There are many different kinds of stylish outfits, but the crème de la crème of the fashion world usually falls into one of two categories: the effortlessly simple chic and then the eclectically thrown together randomness that works together to create utter perfection.

This season, be daring and channel the latter. It’s the perfect time to be overdressed.

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