Overdressed: And overheated

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on beating the heat with your beauty look.

As I’ve gotten older and my sense of style has developed, much has changed. (For instance, I no longer feel the need to own every possible shade of denim skirt, or a cross-body Coach bag.) However, some things have stayed exactly the same.

For as long as I can remember, the first day of school has always been exciting. Why? Well, basically, every reason except for the actual school part. And for me, the most fulfilling part of starting a new school year is the promise of a fresh new look.

Though there are no locker-lined hallways to strut down while pretending to be Chanel Iman or Kate Upton, college is no exception for my first-day outfit excitement. Therefore, on August 19, I attended my statistics discussion class in my best “cute-but-effortless” look.

I felt confident and happy, considering it was nine in the morning on a Monday. However, by my third class, I was struck by one of the most horrific epidemics of August campus style: sweat.

There’s just something nauseating about having to throw up a ponytail after spending quality time with a curling iron, all because the heat has made your hair even less okay then it was when you woke up. And is it fair that your outfit loses points because your makeup is ruined? No.

The sun is full of hot air. Literally. And when has that ever been cute?

Don’t get me wrong — I can definitely handle the heat. I’m from Houston, where the temperature rarely falls below 88 during seven months of the year. That said, you will rarely find me walking around Houston in jeans and bottom liner. (Seriously — we’re talking pretty much never.)

The first solution to runny, sweaty makeup is to avoid bottom eyeliner and mascara. When you get hot enough for your face to start sweating, eventually it seeps over to your peepers. If you’ve got a smoldering smoky eye working, you are an easy target for what I like to call goth-princess/vampire-corpse syndrome.

Don’t risk it. Try one clean sweep of liner on your top lash line, and a few coats of top mascara. Believe it or not, your eyes will look just as intense, but in a sweet, doe-eyed kind of way. Pair your sweet eye look with a bright lip to make it a little less innocent.

Next, lay off the heavy concealers and bronzers. Instead, try a light facial cover with a high SPF. If you need a bit more coverage, add a layer of mineral powder. A mineral-based powder is not nearly as heavy as other kinds of products, and it gives you more pigment.

Now, let’s talk about hair: The easiest way to rid yourself of sticky, hot bangs is to braid them up. Starting from the roots of your bangs, create a braid along the frame of your face, and secure it with a bobby pin. Braids are classically romantic, and will help keep your face a little cooler. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a badass updo. Teased, high ponytails and not-so-spontaneous messy buns are both awesome options.

There is an infinite number of ways to make the most of “right now’”s looks. After all, the best thing about different seasons is that each allows for a different part of your style to shine.

While you cannot keep yourself from being overheated while walking from class to class, you can definitely ensure that your look is hotter. Keep your makeup and hairstyles light and cool throughout the rest of the sunny weeks, and enjoy your cutoffs and sandals. Come November, you’ll be craving a visit from our beloved sun.

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