Overdressed: And knee-deep in honesty

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on how socks will save your wardrobe

As my duty of serving up weekly doses of excessive sass and unwarranted thoughts on what you should be wearing comes to a close, there are a few things I feel obligated to leave you with.

First: If you have yet to master the skill of applying mascara to your bottom lashes, you are in the majority. Makeup ads are not the rule, nor should they be your point of reference. Plus, your delicate little bottom lashes are so fragile that applying heavy loads of goopy mascara is totally not good for them.

Next: Anyone who makes you feel like a tiny speck for your choice of layering on different neutrals is a nub and should be ignored. Black leggings with brown combat boots, navy pea coats over sleet grey sweaters and charcoal turtlenecks tucked into black peplum skirts are chic. Also, these color schemes embody the season. Sure, you should throw in more color, but neutral on neutral is never a no.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important nugget of style advice I’ve got for you this week: sometimes magazines cannot be trusted. Be especially wary of the sections with titles like “Find the Perfect Fit for Your Body.”

These segments usually consist of three models, each representing a different body shape. Because every single girl looking for the right bathing suit is either shaped like an apple, ruler or an hourglass. And everyone in search of a cute party dress is either tall, petite, busty or curvy. Yup.

Very few style pieces always look good on everyone, and one can rarely group fashionable girls into general circles. One size does not fit all, and one look doesn’t love everyone. It just does not.

However, one accessory has managed to transgress across waist sizes and shoulder widths: the sock. More specifically, the knee-high sock.

It’s chilly, but there are still some days when the temperature hits a promising 50 degrees. On these days, it is crucial to take advantage of the opportunity to bring your shorts, dresses and skirts back out. Of course, you can always do this with tights. Black tights can sometimes get a little routine, however.

A solid black pair of knee high socks will keep your shorts in sync with the cold weather while keeping your outfit, as a whole, smokin’ hot.

These tall socks look awesome with riding boots for a more chic, boot-sock feel. This combination goes really well over skinny jeans, as well.

Feeling more daring? Try denim cutoffs, a bold sweater and your knee-highs tucked into combat boots.

Want something more modest? Layer knee high socks over your tights (obviously ones in a different shade) for an edgy, cool, color-blocking vibe.

If you aren’t too keen on the idea of schoolgirl-inspired sock trends, don’t hesitate to roll them down to your desired length. As nerdy as it has been in the past, the craze of visible socks is coming back. Along with it comes the realization that the accessory actually works to elongate legs and slim them down.

Also, they offer a playfully sexy feel. More importantly, soft socks are way comfortable. Who doesn’t want to strut around campus looking fierce, all the while feeling like they’re walking on a cloud? I mean, honestly.

While you can’t always believe beauty ads or sizing guides in magazines, you can always trust that socks will never let you down.

Whether you’re up to your knees in their soft, fashion-y goodness or letting them just peep over the top of your booties, they will always pull your outfit together in the most chill fashion.

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