Overdressed: And FALLin’ back in love

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on sporting your summer pieces this fall

It’s official. Fall is going to be here NEXT week.

This means that in just a matter of days, it will officially be latte season (even though, let’s face it, we were beyond thrilled that Starbucks started putting out the PSL a little early), dark and glamorous trends are back, and everything starts smelling faintly like cinnamon.

Being from Houston makes the arrival of my falls here at MU just a bit more special. At home, fall means a slight chance of 75-degree weather. But here in Columbia (where seasons actually exist), it means a whole new set of hues, patterns and textures. In other words: clothes.

To say that I was unprepared for the change in season during my freshman year would be an understatement. However, this year I’ve come through with an adorable collection of fall clothes. Even better? A list of summer pieces that can carry through to fall. Because we all know that nobody has the time, money or closet space to get a new wardrobe every time autumn rolls around.

First up: the maxi. I always thought that maxi skirts and dresses were reserved for formal, summery occasions. Wrong. My roommate recently paired a burgundy maxi skirt with dark brown cowboy booties. Tucking in a white tank with a scarf and some pretty earrings instantly would have made this summer staple something to ogle over in October.

Yes, the maxi family is romantic on summer nights. However, that summery feel comes from the sandals and warm tones you wear with them. Darken your makeup and add some cool close-toed shoes and you’ve got cool, edgy fall maxi.

Next up? Floral patterns (they’re not just for warm weather). In fact, that whole mentality is selfish and rude. Flowers are everywhere in the summer and spring. We know this because we get the pleasure of being attacked by the bees that flock to them. As it cools down, the flowers kind of disappear. Therefore, as fashion-forward individuals that care about the beauty of the world, it is important that we hold it down for the flower population in its absence.

Dark floral patterns are sweet and feminine, but also encompass the dark edginess of the season. A floral patterned crew neck with faux leather jeggings is my go to outfit for a chic fall look.

My last summery must-have for this fall is none other than a pair of fabulous shorts. Choose your darker pairs that are a little less form-fitting. While it’s moderately chilly, pair them with sweaters and layered cardigans for a unique element of contrast. Chunky jewelry and eye-catching accessories will tie this outfit combo together.

As the temperature continues to drop, try knee-high socks or tights under them. Tights are classic, but edgy and always sophisticated. Knee-highs are extremely edgy, and the peek of upper thigh is super sexy.

So, as we bid our farewell to summer, we don’t have to say goodbye to ALL of our summer clothes.

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