Overdressed: And combative in the cutest of ways

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on the beauty of combat boots

I have a confession to make.

I, Morgan Young, have the absolute worst Snapchat etiquette in the history of ever. Nine times out of 10, I forget to "Snap" people back. And when I actually have something profound to convey via Snapchat, I usually don’t have proper Internet connection (thanks, MizzouWireless) for my Snap to go through.

Despite my lack of savvy-ness when it comes to snapchatting, this little application provided me with a monstrous amount of happiness last Tuesday while I was soaking in all the joys of a finance lecture (…right).

At approximately 2 in the afternoon, just as I was dozing off to an explanation about the present value of one-thing-or-another, my phone lit up with a Snapchat notification.

MizzouWireless decided to grace me with its presence and allowed the image to come through. My roommate had snapped me a picture of two shoeboxes that had arrived at our apartment that very morning, with a caption reading “They’re here!”

How I could’ve forgotten that the boots I had ordered were expected to arrive that day is beyond me, but I obviously had to excuse myself from class and rush home to greet them.

I mean, after all, your parents welcome you with open arms when you go home. It’s basically the same thing.

As I cradled my black leather Steve Madden Troopa boots in one arm and my army green American Rag booties in the other, I realized that my life was more together than it had been in a really long time.

Yes. The perfect shoes are that powerful.

In the past few years, combat boots have stepped back on the style scene and have made quite the statement. Traditionally worn to create a badass, punk feel, the shoe has broadened its wearing capacity to a vast amount of looks for a wide range of fabulously dressed girls.

What did this mean for me, and my shoe babies? Plenty of experimenting to unravel all of the ways to make them even more fabulous.

First came the traditional rocker look. This version of myself tends to come out when I start my day off with a little bit of Nirvana. My favorite way to do it? Black faux leather jeggings, black boot socks and the black Troopas. Something about black on black always just screams, “I may look hot, but I don’t know it. In fact, I don’t even really care because I’m too cool.”

This with a boyish-blue flannel, chunky wrist jewelry and a dark smoky eye complete the look. Put some loose curls in your hair, and then mess them up with a smoothing brush. And if you want to wear this look for a night out, glam it up with a nude lip.

In a hurry, or looking to go with something a little more simplistic? Not a problem. In fact, combat boots are the perfect shoe (tied with Chuck Taylors) for tying together an understatedly chic get-up.

I combined dark denim skinnies with the army green booties and a plain white V-neck. Nothing really stands out about this outfit, but somehow it all works together to look effortlessly cute.

This outfit looks awesome with a topknot bun or a high ponytail. If it gets a little chilly, layer a button down shirt or a cardigan over the shirt and throw on a cozy scarf.

Lastly, the girly look. Does anyone else have those random days when it honestly feels like glitter is running through your veins? If so, combat boots can definitely do the trick. They will keep your look grounded while the rest of your outfit is floating on a hot pink cloud.

My pick? A cozy soft pink sweater with white skinnies and the black Troopas. After layering on all of the blingy jewelry that is socially acceptable and then some, I somewhat resembled a glittery poof of cotton candy on a stick, and I was in love. However, my perfectly relaxed combats helped me look a little less eccentric.

No matter what your look is, combat boots will keep you stylish, comfortable and 100 percent you.

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