Overdressed: And breaking all the rules

Fashion columnist Morgan Young on leaving traditional fashion rules behind

The passing of Labor Day signifies a handful of extremely notable happenings: a week of salads to make up for all the grilled meat you consumed. A hurting bank account, put off by a full closet. But, most importantly, the realization summer is coming to a close.

This last little piece of information sent me into somewhat of a panic mode. I have so many pastel shorts, sheer tanks and sandals to flaunt before the cold weather rolls into Columbia. Needless to say, Operation Wear-As-Many-Summery-Outfits-As-Possible began immediately following the holiday weekend.

First up: white skinny jeans and a seafoam green button up tank. As my strategic getup and I walked around campus, I overheard someone whisper “I thought you weren’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day.” I kept walking, but all the gadgets and gizmos in my brain began to spin.

Labor Day had indeed passed, and my pants were certainly white. And?

Who decided that was a rule? Why did this so-called “fashion authority” figure decide this? Regardless of the who and the why of the issue, I realized that this “rule” was extremely outdated and unnecessary.

In fact, I realized that most fashion rules are completely ridiculous. The term “fashion rule,” itself, is an oxymoron. Fashion and style are expressive, artistic and well…yours. No, you cannot run red lights or steal candy bars from convenience stores without consequences. However, you can wear huge bows in your hair, patterns that don’t match and neon cropped tops to your heart’s content.

Another style restriction to reject: the mixing of metals. If your outfit needs some bling and spunk, who’s to say you have to narrow it down to one type? Layer your silver and bronze chains for an edgy, yet glammed up look. After all, as long as it shines in the light, it doesn’t matter whether its platinum or gold. We are currently in a very eclectic style era where the more eccentric, the better. Less is no longer more. More is more.

“Thou shall not mix black, navy and/or brown.” FALSE. Winter’s coming, and dark colors will be making their debut. A navy scarf with an all black outfit is chic. A brown woven belt wrapped around a navy, or black, slouchy dress is perfectly relaxed and cute. Black boots go well with everything. Dark colors are cool on their own. Different dark hues blended together? Hot. Even in chilly temperatures.

Matching has gone from being a rule of thumb to existing as a four-letter (okay, eight-letter) word that flew out the window months ago. Not only are we not expected to match our outfit pieces and accessories anymore, but putting together pieces which have absolutely nothing to with each other is highly encouraged. Why? Because amidst all the polka dots, sequins and plaid is a beautiful ensemble that makes no sense, but is perfectly fabulous all at once.

Lastly. Whoever presented the notion that being overdressed is a negative thing deserves a slap on the wrist and a regretful headshake. Wear what you want, where you want.

Dress for where you want to go and who you want to be, not for what you feel constrained to. Always be the most fabulous version of yourself at anytime you feel the desire to be.

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