MOVE's top 9 Mizzou twitter feeds

From frat stars to squirrels to free food, MOVE's got you covered on the Twitterverse.


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@MizzouFratBoy — The rambling thoughts of your quintessential frat daddy. Most tweets are about drinking and pledges doing embarrassing things.

@MizzouPassouts — Tons of pictures of people facedown on the carpet after a long night of Natty Light.

@MizzouSquirrel — It's rumored that the engineering students installed a microchip in a squirrel that reads and tweets all his thoughts.

@WSMizzouCM — A niche form of the original "What Should We Call Me" Tumblr account.

@MizzouShackers — The morning after, everyone's eventually gotta go home. Borrowed basketball shorts, stilettos and all.

@FreeFoodMizzou — Keeps you up to date on where to find the free Shakespeare's and Jimmy John's on campus every day.

@MizzouGDI — This guy usually just tweets about embarrassing goings-on in the dorms and how cool cargo shorts are.

@MizzouMakeouts — Last weekend's archive of awkwardly-positioned and extremely public displays of affection. The faint of stomach need not apply.

@clubellis — Some people think Club Ellis isn't a real club. Clearly they haven't seen all the vomit in here after finals.

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