Letter from the (MacK)editor: S-s-s-summertime, Summertime Radness

Hey, MOVErs!

At this point, we’re halfway through the summer. In about a month and a half, yours truly will be returning to CoMo, moving into a big-kid apartment off campus and doing my best to look like a responsible adult.

Until then, I’m still here in the shadows of D.C. editing MOVE from the comfort of my childhood bedroom. In some ways, this room hasn’t changed –– there’s still a spot near the closet where the floor’s really squeaky, there’s still a stack of old magazines next to my bed and there’s still a stain from that time I spilled orange soda on the carpet. But in other ways, this room has changed –– the door is no longer plastered with JoBro posters (you don’t know how hard I just cringed typing that), the walls are no longer bright lime green and as hard as I’ve tried, I can’t find my copy of “From Under The Cork Tree” anywhere.

Eventually, we all grow up. We all go through awkward phases. We all get older, wiser and most of us get taller (some of us just stay at five-foot-twoandthreequartersbutlikealmostthree?).

The same phenomenon affects MOVE –– since its inception in 2001, it’s gone through changes, going from eight-page insert to four-page section, becoming more online-focused and more active on social media and getting a new and improved website, courtesy Tim Tai.

But, just like anyone who went to middle school will tell you, there are bound to be awkward phases as MOVE grows and changes. And there are bound to be “teachable moments.” But on the whole, as MOVE nears its thirteenth birthday, I think it’s growing up to be quite the magazine. It looks a little different, both in print and online. It’s doing more, with a new(ish) Instagram, the upcoming #MOVEgoeslong series and a completely redesigned fashion section. And it hasn’t gone into a “scene” phase yet.

I’m so excited and honored to be a part of MOVE as it continues to evolve. We’re all working hard over the summer to make sure that this upcoming school year is the best yet.

Massive “thank you” to all of you who have written for MOVE’s two summer issues, and shoutout to all the new incoming freshmen who’ve just gotten their feet wet. I can’t wait ‘til August, when I’ll finally get a chance to meet you and talk in person (my jokes are zero percent funnier IRL).

I hope everyone’s summers are going wonderfully and that you’re having all sorts of adventures (or sleeping ’til noon and binge-watching Netflix. Equally fun). Whatever you’re doing this summer, enjoy the heck out of it. Only a month and a half left ’til the new school year, MOVErs.

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