Keeping class in the classroom

At risk of offending any professors reading this article, I probably do not want to be in your class. It’s not that I don’t want to learn, it’s just that I could be sleeping, for which I rarely have time. I have a feeling that you can tell your students would rather be somewhere else based on the multitude who arrive for class in loungewear.

I don’t want my professors — or anyone at anytime for that matter — to think I’m lazy or don’t care. Whether you like it or not, people will judge you for what you’re wearing. It’s easy to show up to class in your North Face jacket, t-shirt, sweats and Uggs, but we all know it’s a cop out. Putting together both of the following comfortable four-piece-or-less outfits, which can be modified, is just as easy.

Printed cardigan+ v-neck t-shirt + cigarette pants + canvas boots

Swap out your sweats — pants should not be limited to denim or athletic wear. Urban Outfitters carries the BDG Twill Grazer Cigarette Pants for $29, made from a combination of cotton and spandex. These pants come in an interesting olive green color and feature a slim fit that allows stretch for movement. Pair these pants with a basic, solid v-neck t-shirt ($7 to $24 at American Apparel), under a long, printed cardigan. Gap makes a 100 percent cotton Navajo-print cardigan in a slouchy, open fit for $69.50. Tribal prints are huge this year, so you will be on-trend as well as cozy. To complete the outfit, include the Blowfish “Java” lace up boots in rust, available for $62.99 at These boots are made from canvas, which makes them wearable both now and later, as it starts to warm up.

Sailor tee +cords+ oxfords

A striped, boat neck t-shirt just screams effortlessly chic. A staple item like this is worth it, even at a steep price, as long as it’s made from high-end fabric. J. Crew has a lovely version called the Indigo-stripe Boatneck Sailor Tee for $65, made from a cotton jersey fabric. This shirt looks perfect with a variety of pants, but keeping comfort in mind, cords are a great option. ASOS Cord Flares for $60.34 come in three colors: navy, rust and terracotta. This 100 percent cotton corduroy pant in rust and terracotta both contrast well with the indigo stripes on the sailor tee. Compliment this classic look with another classic by adding an oxford flat. carries a modern twist on the retro shoe with their "In with the Gold Flat," in a gold-dappled tan material that adds dimension to the outfit.

Now that you know your options, be brave in creating new looks. Hunt for fitted pants in corduroy or cotton — linen is also a great option for spring and summer. Once you find your feels-like-I’m-still-in-my-pajama pants, creating the rest of the outfit is easy, as long as you keep fit and fabric in mind. Now, stifle that yawn as you stare blankly at your Soc1000 PowerPoint.

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