Imagine Dragons stuns once again with ‘Origins’

The band’s fourth studio album covers a range of harsh and slow songs.

Pop-rock band Imagine Dragons released “Origins” on Nov. 9, after teasing the album with several singles. The album’s lead single, “Natural,” was released on July 17, and on Oct. 3 the name of the album was announced. Previous releases by the band that gained popularity include “Radioactive,” which was the third best-selling song in the U.S. in 2013, and “On Top of the World,” which was featured on the Disney Channel Original “Liv and Maddie.”

“Origins” opens with “Natural.” The song features the heavy drums and hard beat that Imagine Dragons is known for, making the song a great tune to dance along to. With lyrics in the chorus such as, “Natural / A beating heart of stone / You gotta be so cold / To make it in this world,” Imagine Dragons has once again created a song that will, without a doubt, be stuck in the heads of many for months to come.

It is the unrelenting tempo and uneven lyrics such as those heard in “Natural” that bring a fresh take of rock music in the 21st century. Imagine Dragons does not only rely on drums and guitars to create rock music — they use their voices and lyrics to create a staccato beat that pulls audiences in and keeps them listening. This style is what sets Imagine Dragons apart from bands such as Kings of Leon and The Strokes. Where other rock bands rely on mellowed-out guitar and drums to stay true to the rock genre, Imagine Dragons keeps the intensity of older rock music and mixes in their own technological spin.

One song that rings true to this style is “Machine,” the third track on the album. Released as the third single of the album, “Machine” boasts about breaking away from imposed norms, or being a part of a “machine.” Lead singer Dan Reynolds sings, “All my life been sittin' at the table / Watchin' them kids, they're living in a fable / Looks, luck, money and never left a'wishin' / Now it's 'bout time to raise up and petition.” The lyrics’ message match perfectly to the song’s style, which is heavy in electric guitar and bass drum.

“Machine” is, without a doubt, my favorite song of the album. Not only does it have vibes of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with its background clapping, but features an epic electric guitar solo. I can definitely see myself rocking out to this song in my car as I drive to and from work in the next few months, and dancing like a fool to it in my bedroom.

A song that breaks from the normal hard rock Imagine Dragons is known for is “Stuck,” the 11th track of the album. “Stuck” takes a slower tempo than many of the other songs of the album, and sings of love instead of rebellion. This is done extremely well, and showcases the ability of Imagine Dragons to cover a wide spectrum of musical styles.

“Origin” is definitely worth the listen, for pop and rock fans alike. Each track is loaded with well thought out lyrics, and melodies that will stick to the mind for weeks after listening.

Edited by Siena DeBolt |

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