ICYMI: Study break: 4 short films, vloggers to watch on YouTube

Columnist Ellie Papadakis suggests a few videos to watch on your study break

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s only the third week of school and I need a break. But with projects and homework already piling up, the only study break I’m going to get is watching some YouTube videos in between my finance homework. Here are a few of my favorite short films and vloggers to watch if you need a quick timeout.

“Office Space” by kickthepj

Class. Work. Homework. Repeat. Tired of the same old routine? What about a trip to space?

PJ Liguori is arguably one of the most underrated British vloggers out there. Not only does he put an incredible amount of effort into his short films, but he also puts an equal amount into his regular vlogs and update videos. His films, like this one, are breathtaking and easily transport the viewer into another place.

“Floorboards” by OMFGItsJackandDean

The Abbott and Costello of YouTube, basically.

Because of the production value of their sketches, Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs don’t post videos often, but when they do, it’s a real treat. Their sketches are clever, quick-witted and definitely a good way to take a break from a class that makes you want to pull your hair out.

“Ellie Heart” by DomFear

Most of the creators on this list like to stick with the whimsical and comedic, and Dominic Fera does too, but he is also very good at making more serious films. If you really want to take a mental break, “Ellie Heart” is a short film about a fantasy girl who does anything Joey and his friend Mark want her to do.

“Bad Burglars: Surprise Party” by TimH

Apparently I can’t get enough of the British.

Vlogger Tim Hautekiet is from England, but he is currently studying in LA. His films, like this one, are usually short and funny. “Surprise Party” is actually the second video in his “Bad Burglars” film series.

Also, did I mention he looks like Andrew Garfield?

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