G#’s Musical Radar: Top five artists to see at Coachella

Coachella 2017 is full of must-see performances.

This year’s Coachella festival in Indio, California, has one of the most diverse lineups in its history. From Hans Zimmer to Kendrick Lamar and Car Seat Headrest to Tycho, festivalgoers have plenty of good music to look forward to. With that being said, here are my top five artists to check out at Coachella 2017.


There are plenty of up-and-coming artists to see at Coachella, but it’s also valuable to see an artist with as much influence as New Order. This new-wave band from the ‘80s was one of the propelling forces of the synth-pop and alternative movement, which is in full force today. The band has influenced artists such as The Killers and The Chemical Brothers. Even if you haven’t heard of New Order, you would likely recognize hits such as “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle.”


“I saw Hans Zimmer at Coachella,” is probably one of the strangest yet most amazing sentences ever conceived. Prior to the lineup’s announcement, there were probably very few people who actually thought Hans Zimmer, a renowned film composer, would perform at Coachella. However, despite all odds, he is. Zimmer is most famous for his scores for The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean. However, he also had a hand in the music for The Lion King, Inception and Interstellar. Zimmer brought out Pharrell Williams this past weekend, so maybe this weekend he’ll bring out another special guest.


Australian duo Empire of the Sun creates lush, vibrant environments of electro-pop, and its live shows are equally engaging. The duo’s show consists of exotic dancers, a colorful lightshow and majestic robes among other psychedelic clothing. The duo also recently gained a resurrection of fame when “Walking on a Dream,” a single it released in 2008, was used in a Honda commercial, and the duo made its debut on U.S. charts. Car-commercial-indie music or not, Empire of the Sun is definitely a must-see at Coachella this year.


Justin Vernon, the mastermind behind electronic-folk band Bon Iver, completely changed his sound with the release of 22, A Million last year. The acoustic guitars and folk instrumentation are almost completely gone, replaced by synthesizers and noise experimentation. However, change is not always bad. 22, A Million was my favorite album of 2016 and it made listeners process music in a new way. Hearing such music performed live is an incredible opportunity no one should pass up on.


Despite facing severe audio issues last Friday, art rockers Radiohead persevered and gave their fans a setlist of old favorites as well as tracks from 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool. Radiohead is possibly one of the most influential bands of all time, so when you are given the chance to see them live, you absolutely have to take advantage of it. Albums such as OK Computer, Kid A and In Rainbows have shaped the music industry by popularizing artistic experimentation and sonic complexity. Seriously, why would you not see Radiohead?

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