Grammy's and Globes have nothing on ACM, Nick

When you think style, class and prestige, I know the two events that come to mind first: The Academy of Country Music Awards and the Kid’s Choice Awards, duh. Obviously, the ACM Awards were stylish, because Rihanna was there, which makes sense, because the dress she was wearing had fringe on it, which makes it country (even though she sang a duet with Jennifer Nettles of “California King Bed” from Rihanna’s latest album, which is not country). The red carpet crowd was wearing the usual floor length ball gowns, silk, diamonds — with the exception of a few cowboy hats paired with tuxedos and Hulk Hogan mustaches. How boring! But don’t forget about Wynonna Judd (whoever that is), who showed the crowd what fashion is all about, head-to-toe leather with fringe. As soon as the show got going the real fashion statements showed up.

Take Carrie Underwood, for example. On the red carpet she wore a deep purple, silk, floor-length gown with crystal details, yawn. But as soon as she stepped on stage (to sing another song that was not country with Steven Tyler), she turned heads with her get-up. Mix one part sparkly sequined corset, one tiny, black, glittery, tutu skirt, two high-heeled cowboy boots and two fingerless gloves, and you have a recipe for true style. And don’t forget Steven Tyler’s outfit either: a floor-length white jacket? Trés chic! Add tasseled microphones for the ultimate accessory.

More fashion highlights included Jason Aldean, sporting a timeless outfit: torn plaid shirt under a leather vest paired with a cowboy hat, and Zac Brown, who played the rebel by trading a cowboy hat for a ski cap.

So how can the Kid’s Choice Awards compare to such an extravaganza? The KCA already started out ahead, swapping the red carpet for bright orange with a lime green back-drop, a flattering color for everyone.

iCarly truly played to the color scheme, adding a shockingly bright pink cocktail dress with bright red lips to the color scheme. Taylor Momsen looked appropriate, as always, with blackened raccoon eyes, messy hair, a cropped leather jacket and fishnets under black jeans, worn with ridiculously high heels; it’s safe to say she looked Pretty Reckless. Young Hollywood was given a run for their money by 11-year-old Willow Smith, sporting a metallic golden jumper with a beehive hair-do and gladiator sandals, unfortunately her hairstyle would not allow for hair-whipping. But Jaden Smith couldn’t let his sister have all the fun. He wore jeans completely covered with studs in the back, bringing the swag like only a kid can. All this, plus slime!

So who wins in a style showdown? How can you compare leather, fringe and tassles to slime, neon colors and bling jeans? I’d have to call it a tie, but the ultimate fashionista here is, of course, Miley Cyrus, since she worked both the orange and red carpet. But where was the pole dance? You have to wait until you’re old enough to watch the Teen Choice awards to see that one.

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