Get your feet out of that bread

Ugg boots are the perpetually ugly winter shoe.

Fuggs. UGH's. Ugg-ly. We've all heard those terms thrown around for the past several years, so why hasn't this horrid trend died yet? It's a sad day to wake up and find those faithful, paper-thin summer flip-flops are no longer weather appropriate. Unfortunately, girls are turning to Ugg boots as the alternative. Again.

Girls who wear Uggs tend to wear them with everything — booty shorts, leggings, sweatpants, jeans and skirts — and it's not practical or flattering in any of those situations.

With booty shorts, which are hard to pull off in the first place, Uggs just look foolish. If it is warm enough to expose your entire legs up to (but please, not any higher than) the crease where leg meets butt, the length from your toes to mid-calf should be toasty enough without the boots.

Spandex leggings are beasts in their own. They are, like the booty shorts, hard enough to pull off already. And too many girls try to use them as a direct substitute for pants. Overcompensating by wearing thick Ugg boots over the bottom half of your leg does not make up for only pretending to cover your ass with leggings. (Note: Please wear longer shirts over leggings.)

Even with proper pants, sweatpants or jeans, Ugg boots are so thick the cuffs just tuck into the boots weirdly. It looks frumpy, especially with sweatpants.

No matter what you try to wear the Ugg boots with, they are unflattering, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I've never spoken to a single guy who's thought Uggs were an attractive look. So if you're trying to strut your stuff in those Uggs, try again with different shoes.

They look like giant loaves of bread with legs stuck in them. If the boots weren't sprayed to be waterproof, they would have water stains that make them look like soggy bread. They look like the "turkey in a boot" Thanksgiving dish Danny Tanner tried to serve the family in Full House. The look is appealing neither as food nor fashion. Plus, Ugg boots smell awful.

There are so many alternatives to Uggs. Invest in a pair of leather boots, fake leather boots, suede boots, ankle boots, thigh highs and heels -- the options are endless. You could probably find a cute pair of boots in any other style for a more affordable price than Uggs. If you don't care about the fashion side, there are certainly more practical alternatives, such as rain boots, actual snow boots or moon boots. Any of those would protect you better from the snow and they'd fair pretty well against the cold. They'd even make a better statement than the same-as-everyone-else Uggs. If you're worried about looking cute, just don't wear the Uggs.

I understand the comfort and the warmth argument, but if you roll out of bed and opt for the Ugg boots, just know looking cute is a sacrifice you're making for that comfort.

Uggs are the Crocs of the winter: over-worn, impractical and straight-up ugly.

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