Fall Fashion is here to make you Happy in Uncertain Times

As we enter into a season of colder weather, this fall fashion guide recognizes trends from the high-end fashion runway to campus.


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At the moment, fashion may seem utterly pointless. Zoom and online lectures occupy the majority of our 2020 calendar, as the days of staying home and studying tend to occur in a monotonous cycle. MU students probably wonder: What’s the point to getting dressed in the morning if there is nowhere to be?

To that I say, there is a point because clothes make people feel good. Style brings happiness and as an outlet of expression, there is a need for fashion — even in a pandemic.

It’s that time of year again where the cold weather season brings fall fashion. Normally designers, models and the other members of their entourage would be jet-setting to one of the “big four” fashion capitals of the world — New York, London, Milan and Paris — to present their 2021 spring collection. Many Fall 2020 shows were canceled in March because of COVID-19, but this month New York and London designers hosted virtual fashion shows. Paris and Milan had a mix of in-person and virtual shows. In the Italian fashion industry, designers pushed for gender neutrality and inclusivity on the runway.

Compiling a list of trends shown during fashion month, as well as stylish streetwear, here are a few looks that may be trending on MU campus this fall (if we ever get to leave our homes):

  1. Platform Shoes

Fashion connoisseurs and celebrities were seen wearing this trend last year in January, however, the popularity of platform shoes is expected to surge this fall. The heeled shoes come in many forms, whether it’s leather knee-high platform boots or combat boots with two to three-inch-thick rubber soles.

Platform shoes pay homage to the 1970s and 1990s fashion. The trend gained popularity as designer Vivienne Westwood featured them on the runway and the UK band the Spice Girls wore them.

Platform shoes were notorious for being the shoes Naomi Campbell fell in during a fashion show. It goes to show while this trend is edgy and stylish, the accentuated soles may increase the risk of a sprained ankle.

  1. Leather Blazers

The tailored skirt suit was a major trend on the runway but according to Vogue writers, the leather blazer is all you need. It is easy to style up or style down. Whether it's paired with a plain t-shirt and sneakers or styled with a turtle-neck sweater and black boots, this look is clean, casual and effortless. Cropped blazers are another sophisticated look, and a chic way to mix business and fun.

  1. ‘80s Prep

Ivy-league inspired sweaters, layered vests and pleated skirts, as seen in Alberta Ferretti, Dior and Chanel fashion shows, are appealing ways to add a pop of color or patchwork to your wardrobe while staying casual and comfortable. Pair with some loafers or Mary Janes, mix in the additional scarf or belt, and the ‘80s prep outfit looks complete and put together.

  1. Sustainability

Sustainable clothing uses fabric which is safe for people and the environment. Similarly, clothing made from sustainable methods reduces waste production. This trend is about having consumer awareness for how clothes are made. Adidas by Stella McCartney promoted a long puffer made 100% from recycled material in their Ready-To-Wear 2020 Fall collection. They evolved their Adidas x Parley’s PrimeBlue collection to produce fabrics entirely out of recycled ocean plastic. Levi’s has their ‘waterless’ jeans collection where they use less water during production in order to promote water scarcity. Brands are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint. When brands market to an age demographic who is concerned about the climate, how their business operates matters. More college students are thrifting for clothes, eager to recycle but also find unique vintage items that no one else has.

  1. And last but not least, comfort

Wearing sneakers dominated the fashion scene in 2019, where people favored comfortable over painful shoes. Now, the importance of being comfortable is heightened while we stay at home or social distance. Balenciaga created quilted patchwork coats for men and women. Knitwear and layered shirts were seen at Bottega Veneta’s fall show.

I recommend buying matching loungewear sets because they make any person feel competent and cozy. These are hard times we are experiencing and fashion can be used as an outlet for creative purposes. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable and happy is the best trend.

Edited by George Frey | gfrey@themaneater.com

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