Catchy beats to cure growing apathy


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As the temperature plummets and the leaves fall, the excitement and optimism that came with syllabus week quickly turns into a complete lack of interest for anything resembling productivity.

Why go to class when you can stay in bed drinking hot chocolate and watching "Lord of the Rings" for the 17th time? As it turns out, all you may need is a slight kick for inspiration. Try a walking playlist with addicting hooks, positive themes and stimulating choruses to fight the newfound lethargy, and you’ll find yourself dancing to morning class in no time.

  1. “Wake Up" by Two Door Cinema Club
    Setting an early alarm can be quite the buzzkill after a fun evening, and fighting the urge to snooze the next morning can prove nearly impossible. Wise lyrics of perseverance will help get you up and running: “Tell me you'll feel better / When you're sleeping through the day / And I'll tell you how you missed it when you wake.” The new day holds something great, no matter how daunting it may seem. Two Door Cinema Club knows – sometimes to catch the worm, you’ve got to be an early bird.

  2. “Block After Block" by Matt and Kim This Brooklyn duo knows a thing or two about catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms, but these chatty lyrics also hold very true to the idea of exploring outside of the everyday rut: “Go too far, live too long / Time's too short, right and wrong / Block after block, block after block.” Themes of adventure and numerous possibilities are perfect for parting ways with the old and seeing the world in a new, exciting light.

  3. “Map of the Problematique” by Muse
    Heavy, fast paced guitar riffs and grandiose beats establish an overall feel sure to inspire and energize even the laziest of students. With Matt Bellamy’s soaring vocals radiating in your ears, you will be pumped for anything and everything, whether it be a midterm or an intramural volleyball game. Bellamy screams of fear for the future, which is very relatable on a college campus.

  4. “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” by The Wombats
    Our parents and grandparents are right: we’re young - let’s enjoy it while we can! Yes, this is a heavily overused theme, but a little dance pop never hurt anybody, and sometimes we just need to forget about life and tango just because we can. Hailing from Liverpool, the band emphasizes glee with a good attitude in this song, singing “Everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy.” See your stress disappear with every step.

  5. “Hoppipolla" by Sigur Ros This song’s breathtaking orchestration makes you feel as though you could take down any obstacle in the grand spectrum of the world, regardless of its size. While the lyrics are rather ambiguous (okay, really, it's a completely made up language), the abnormality of the song is accompanied by an undying fearlessness sure to make any stroll around campus feel otherworldly. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional light, popular beat, but music that makes you feel greater than yourself is a must for any walking playlist.

Anytime you feel drained of all energy, lost from all hope or simply hungry for upbeat, inspirational tunes, turn these songs on full blast. Watch as the campus becomes your personal dance floor.

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