Bust your boredom with these funny Twitter accounts

Forget about current events for a minute with a taste of the proverbial best medicine — laughter.


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During this strange period of time we’ve entered, it’s difficult to escape the feelings of isolation and nihilism that seem to pervade society and the Internet right now. When the media has nothing else to run stories on and COVID-19 is the singular topic of conversation among friends and family, it can become understandably exhausting to consume content about it. There is no better way to cope than by mindlessly scrolling through funny Twitter accounts. Take a break from your new “virtual reality” and follow these Internet comedians — you deserve it.

@dril: A long-time content creator and absurdist Twitter comedian, @dril will utterly confuse you in the best possible way. His content ranges from wildly inappropriate jokes to stream-of-consciousness posts. My bias may be showing (my senior quote was an @dril tweet), but his strange ramblings are sure to entertain you if you like nonsensical humor. Bonus: he just released a book titled “The Get Rich and Become God Method,” if you’re interested.

@biden4pres: In light of the past few weeks’ events, it’s reasonable to have completely forgotten about the upcoming presidential election. But this account sure hasn’t — it’s a parody of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The account tweets from Biden’s perspective, providing his rather hilarious (fake) opinions on the pandemic, the election, Bernie Sanders, President Donald Trump and countless other topics. Whether you’re a Biden supporter or not, @biden4pres is a hilarious conjecture about what exactly goes on inside the real Joe Biden’s head.

@TheOnion: The Onion is a digital and former print media company that produces exclusively satirical content. In the midst of the current pandemic and the presidential primaries, you can imagine the uproarious fake news headlines they tweet. Take it with a grain of salt — The Onion is critical of just about everything, but most of the time, they hit the nail on the head.

@KidsWriteJokes: Kids are likely the only population on the planet that isn’t paying attention to current events right now. @KidsWriteJokes is the perfect example of that. You won’t find any coronavirus content on their feed. Instead, you’ll find a collection of terrible anti-jokes written by kids (poor grammar, spelling and all) and curated by the owner of the account. It’s a goofy insight into the strange things kids think about and a nice respite from the media’s onslaught of COVID-19 news.

@PleaseBeGneiss: To round out this roundup, @PleaseBeGneiss not only writes and posts topical, relevant jokes but also retweets lots of content from different parts of the site. Their account is a good jumping-off point to explore what makes you laugh in the vast repository of comedy that is Twitter.

So if you’re drowning in disheartening news or feeling trapped in your house, don’t stress. A hilarious, much-needed break from current events is quite literally available at your fingertips, starting with these Twitter accounts.

Edited by George Frey | gfrey@themaneater.com

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