After a six-year hiatus, the Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever

The Jonas Brothers formed their band when I was five years old. Here’s why as a college student, this is the best entertainment news I have heard in weeks.


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My childhood was pretty much defined by the Disney Channel. Every day I would come home from elementary school, sit on the couch with an after-school snack and turn on channel 32. It was not uncommon for the Jonas Brothers to pop up on the television screen within minutes.

Whether it was one of their appearances on “Hannah Montana,” a music video between shows, watching them on the “Disney Channel Games” or watching them on their short-lived show titled “Jonas,” the JoBros were everywhere. Before One Direction came along, the Jonas Brothers were the boy band of my childhood. I hadn’t thought much about this period of my life for a while until last week when the Jonas Brothers announced their much-anticipated reunion.

In January 2018, the Jonas Brothers’ Instagram account was reactivated. This was brought to life by a tweet from Ashley Iaconetti, former “The Bachelor” star and huge fan of the band, which said “Interrupting this Bachelor episode to say...The Jonas Brothers have reactivated their Instagram.” From then, there was a lot of buzz about a possible reunion, but the brothers themselves said that there was not yet a reunion in the works.

However, last week, everything changed, and it turns out we won’t have to wait until the “Year 3000” for the Jonas Brothers to return. Using their recently reactivated Instagram, the brothers made two huge announcements on Instagram in one day.

First, the brothers released a cover photo for their new single “Sucker” and announced that the single would be released at midnight EST on March 1. It not only ended up being a single, but a whole music video. The song is catchy, and the video features Nick and Kevin’s wives and Joe’s fiancee.

The “Sucker” announcement was quickly followed by a clip of the brothers in a segment of “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden, an iconic segment that numerous celebrities have appeared in alongside Corden on the “Late Late Show.” One of the biggest Jonas Brothers hits, “Burnin’ Up,” played in the background as all three brothers hopped in the car. Once they are all there, Corden exclaims “Is what I think is happening, is it happening?” and in response, Nick, Joe and Kevin say in unison “we’re back.” Who knew that two words could spark so much joy from so many people?

The preview of the segment ends with a screen announcing that the following week of the “Late Late Show” will be “Jonas Brothers Week.” They will appear on the show every night for a whole week. After a six-year hiatus, this is a huge jump. It seems too good to be true, and this is only the beginning.

As if their fans had not gotten the message yet, the Jonas Brothers posted a recreation of 2009 short-yet-iconic video where they take a table, turn it around and simply state “oh how the tables have turned.” However in the recreation, upon turning the table, a sign pops out that says “Hello Again” and confetti sprays out everywhere. The video shows that the band is really doing everything they can to please their fans, many of whom were just kids when the Jonas Brothers first came to be.

Since releasing the big news, the Jonas Brothers have been extremely active on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Personally, I never expected a reunion at all, so the extent to which they are promoting this reunion is beyond what I ever could have imagined. This is the reunion that we all needed but do not deserve.

“Sucker” debuted at No. 1 on the U.S. Spotify and Apple Music charts, and it is already playing on the radio for everyone to hear. I would not be surprised if the Jonas Brothers use their week on the “Late Late Show” to make a few more announcements, maybe about an album release date or a tour. All I know is that when those tickets go on sale, I will be excited and ready to buy them for whatever the nearest city may be. I owe it to my elementary school self.

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