_Wonder Woman_ and memes among best Halloween costumes this year

These costumes are fun, topical and easy to put together.


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With new TV shows and movies, changes in politics and the evolution of the internet come the frontrunners for Halloween costumes for 2017. These five costume concepts are sure to be popular picks this year due to their relevance and presence in culture from the past year.

Fake news

Why it’s trending: The idea of “fake news” is not a new one, but it has been brought into light during President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and term in office. The back-and-forth war between journalists and the Trump administration is a serious issue, but it’s also easy to make fun of. The phrase itself even sounds fake. A sexy "fake news” costume has even gained attention on the internet — though that idea is laughable at best.

How you can do it: Write words that look like newsprint on a plain shirt with solid-colored pants or a skirt and dripping red dye to achieve the fake news look. To make it more obvious, the shirt could say “FAKE NEWS,” but that’s no fun, is it?

“Stranger Things” characters

Why it’s trending: Characters from the hit Netflix television series are sure to be prominent this year, especially with the second season premiering on Oct. 27, just a few days prior to Halloween. The intense hype over the new season will likely cause these costumes to be immensely popular. Costumes portraying characters in the show were popular last year, too, as the show became more well known.

How you can do it: Look for cues from the series by flipping through episodes. Because the characters are normal kids, in a sense, buying clothes similar to theirs shouldn’t be too difficult, and many of the outfits can be bought at a modest price, too. For instance, to get Eleven’s pink dress look, Amazon offers a pink dress for just $9.99 plus shipping. Pair it with a military jacket and knee-high socks to get a quick and easy look that can be worn as a regular outfit, too.

Wonder Woman

Why it’s trending: Wonder Woman was the feminist movie of the summer, empowering women everywhere with a strong heroine who’s able to put the bad guys in their place. Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot and Director Patty Jenkins helped further promote the strong image of women, even outside of the movie. During the movie’s time in theaters and at Comic-Con a few months later, Wonder Woman costumes were extremely popular, so it is no surprise that this trend is emerging as a Halloween frontrunner.

How you can do it: Wonder Woman costumes are available at many retail outlets. If sticking to a budget, iron the logo using printable fabric transfers onto a plain T-shirt to get a similar look. A pair of boots, cardboard shield and some gold accessories — including a tiara — would make the outfit complete.

Anything _Star Wars_related

Why it’s trending: It’s hard to go wrong with Star Wars, period. Given the buzz over the release of The Last Jedi this December and the death of notable cast member Carrie Fisher, these costumes could see a boost in popularity. In general, Star Wars characters are a safe, fun option that people of all ages can enjoy.

How you can do it: Like Wonder Woman, many costumes from the movies can be bought due to the timelessness of the series. For instance, a white robe or toga, decorative belt and the signature buns would make a quick and easy Princess Leia outfit. For Darth Vader, a black shirt and pants, a mask and a cape (either fabric, a bed sheet or a store-bought cape) would make an easy costume, too.


Why it’s trending: Memes are a prime source of laughter and fun on the big bad internet, and there’s always a new one circulating. Memes such as Gavin, Distracted Boyfriend and Cash Me Ousside have become popular and are widely recognizable. They can also easily be transformed into a costume.

How you can do it: It depends on the meme. Unless you’re not portraying a human at all, it might be easiest to dress up as a meme that shows a person that looks similar to you. Of course, putting the name of the meme or person on the costume will help people recognize it, too. Some memes might also require more than one person to get the point across, so round some friends up to tackle the challenge together. If you have three people, you can take on the Distracted Boyfriend: One person can wear a red dress, another a blue plaid shirt with jeans and the last a light blue blouse to achieve the look.

Edited by Claire Colby |ccolby@themaneater.com

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