Top 5 WTF moments

5. Late night TV self implodes

Conan goes to TBS, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno moves to primetime and then moves back to late night and Jimmy Kimmel comes out on top.

4. Lebron James leaving Cleveland

Arguably the biggest superstar in the NBA, James not only left his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers after essentially quitting on them in the 2010 playoffs, but also slapped them in the face by doing it on national television. Lebron James went from hero to villain as fast as you can say “I’m taking my talents to South Beach.”

3. 3-D TV

When we were kids, 3-D meant the paper glasses with the red and blue lenses, books were made of paper and phone calls were restricted to voice-to-voice conversations. In 2010, 3-D became virtual reality in theaters, and even at home, with the release of the first ever 3-D TV by Samsung. When is enough, enough?

2. Politicians on Reality TV

We’re not talking about Bill O'Reilly, people. We’re talking "The Apprentice" featuring former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, "Dancing with the Stars" featuring Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and "Sarah Palin’s Alaska." It’s no coincidence that neither Palin nor Blago are comedians, but yet they both seem to make America laugh every time they pop up on a screen.

1. Oprah gives away a car that isn’t out yet

Oprah is famous for giving things away on her shows. She’s given out cars, cash, wardrobes, trips, homes and anything else you can imagine. This year, on her final season’s “Favorite Things” episode, she gave a VW Beetle that hasn’t even come out yet. The audience got a glimpse of the 2012, redesigned VW Beetle and will be some of the first owners of the new classic “bug.”

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